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posted on February 24, 2021 (with permission from and a hat tip to Phil Barry)

In a pattern similar to a CIBT event held two weeks prior, one family shared in two titles in the February 12 Central Illinois Bowlers Tour Youth Singles-Adult Baker Trios Tournaments at Spare Time Lanes in Decatur.

This time, it was the Barry family that touched the champions’ trophies. Riley Barry qualified in the top perch and defeated second seed Will Hudson 172-148 in the youth title match.

In a field of 11 young bowlers, three would advance to the stepladder rolloff. The third position was earned by Jaxon Queen, finishing six pins ahead of fourth-place Lucas Boyd. Hudson got to the title match by topping Queen 190-162 in their semifinal game.

The youth field finished as follows, with SMART scholarship amounts as shown:

1. Riley Barry 1041 - $90.00

2. Will Hudson 958 - $54.00

3. Jaxon Queen 905 - $32.00

4. Lucas Boyd 899

5. Matthew Goebel 864

T6. Alex Hudson 855

T6. Keenan Mears-Griffin 855

8. Hunter Wilson 836

9. Kane Alford 820

10. Rachel Garrett 801

11. Luke Swartz 775

Sixteen teams competed in the Baker Trios, and the event got off to a flying start as the team of Corey Kistner-Eric Wurmnest Jr.-Darrell Bean (KWB) fired a 298 in game one. They would cool off but still qualify in the fourth position, eligible for the four-team bracket finals.

In the end, the team of Phil Barry-Gene Vincent-Jon Alford would earn the top seed, win their two-game semifinal match 514-468 over the KWB trio, and the BVA team took the title with a 458-439 two-game composite win over the powerful number three seed of Tom Adcock, Jason Queen and Larry Larsen, Jr.

In the other semifinal, the eventual runners-up had to go to the well to defeat the second-seeded team of Anthony Mills, Dave Mills and Chad VanDolah, with a final score of 472-449.

Vincent and Alford had qualified for the Jan. 29 CIBT doubles finals on two separate teams but were ousted by champions Dan Goebel-Mike Wilkin, Jr. in that event. On this occasion, they added tour organizer Phil Barry top complete their trio and this time they would not be denied.

Adult Top Ten:

1. Gene Vincent - Jon Alford - Phillip Barry 2903 - $306 ($102 each)

2. Tom Adcock - Jason Queen - Larry Larsen 2806 - $198 ($66 each)

T3. Corey Kistner - Eric Wurmnest Jr. - Darrell Bean 2783 - $132 ($44 each)

T3. Anthony Mills - Dave Mills - Chad VanDolah 2901 - $132 ($44 each)

5. Mike Wilkin Jr. - Laura Stone - Kevin Besser 2770

6. Valerie Alford - Janet Vincent - Mel Lingafelter 2752

7. Dave Zellars - Chris Lacy - Doug Incarnato 2690

8. Josh Hudson - Brent Finke - Ernie Stoops 2689

9. Steve Binkley - Marc Eller - Mike Lacox 2675

10. Lindsay Lacy - Doug Teague - Kent Peterson 2667

posted on February 24, 2021 (with permission from and a hat tip to Phil Barry)

The father-son combination of Dan and Matthew Goebel divided and conquered the January 29 Central Illinois Bowlers Tour’s Youth/Blind-Draw-Adult Doubles Tournaments at Spare Time Lanes in Decatur.

Matthew paired with Decatur’s Lucas Boyd in a field of six youth combos and were the number one seed after qualifying. They faced the Bloomington team of Brady Gargano and Jaxon Bartlett in the championship match.

In that final game, the Boyd-Goebel team edged 11 pins past the northern-based duo, 313-302. Each of the winning youth players receive $64 in scholarship money, with the runners-up earning $32 each. The field was completed as follows:

3rd Jaxon Queen - Luke Swartz 1703.

4th Dominic Hankins - Tucker Griffin 1674.

5th Riley Barry - Kane Alford 1647.

6th Mason Griffin - Chloe Griffin 1644.

Meanwhile, Matthew’s dad Dan drew Decatur’s Mike Wilkin, Jr. as his partner in a field of 16 adult pairings. Their team qualified in the second position, trailing top seeds Ben McCoy and Jon Alford. The arranged pairings of Gene Vincent-Ellis Buth and Dave West-Clayton Griffin rounded out the four qualifiers. Griffin had the top game in qualifying with a 288.

All teams were blindly paired at check-in, and only the McCoy-Alford team had any history of bowling together. In the semifinals, they defeated the West-Griffin matchup 408-390, while Goebel-Wilkin topped Vincent-Buth 406-398.

In a high-scoring championship tilt, Dan and Mike outscored Ben and Jon 484 to 468. The top ten, with winnings, were:

1. Mike Wilkin, Jr. - Dan Goebel 1919 $210 ($105 each)

2. Ben McCoy - Jon Alford 1922 $134 ($67 each)

T3. Gene Vincent - Ellis Buth 1909 $84 ($42 each)

T3. Clayton Griffin - Dave West 1901 $84 ($42 each)

5. Trisha Swartz - James Heckwine 1878

6. Bob Gray - Frank Bilyeu 1747

7. Dave Zellars - Jason Meeks 1743

8. Corey Kistner - Chad VanDolah 1737

9. Matthew Seger - Lindsay Lacy 1715

10. Kelly Holmes - Ryan Seger 1703

posted on November 17, 2020 (with permission from and a hat tip to Phil Barry)

After months of stops and starts in the world of bowling, the Friday Night Tournament Series of the Central Illinois Bowlers Tour resumed play on November 13 at Spare Time Lanes with a field of 16 youths and 30 adults. When the dust settled, Riley Barry and Jason Queen earned top honors in separate final matches.

The youth championship match between top-seeded Barry and number three Will Hudson came down to the tenth frame, or more specifically, the fill balls which followed spares. After Hudson tossed a strike to finish with 177, Barry sat at 168 with one ball remaining, also needing all ten to win. With what was described as his best shot of the night, Riley Barry sent all the pins into the pit, winning 178-177 and taking home $98 in scholarship money.

Hudson took home $68 for his second-place finish. The other two finalists were a sister-brother combo, Morgan and Matt Robinson, who collected $50 and $40 respectively in SMART funds. Sammy Schatteman missed the finals by three pins after the four qualifying games to finish fifth.

The other youth scores including handicap, in order, were:

6th Tucker Griffin 951

7th Lucas Boyd 944

8th Matthew Goebel 931

9th Jaxon Queen 894

10th Mike Robinson 887

11th Keenan Mears-Griffin 881

12th Arielle Watters 860

13th Hunter Wilson 850

14th Rachel Garrett 832

15th Luke Swartz 825

16th Kane Alford 823

In the Adult competition, seven bowlers advanced to bracket finals. Second-seed Chris O’Neil shot an 802 in his first three of the four qualifying games, games of 227, 296 and 279. However, Tom Adcock out totaled O’Neil by 15 pins after the game four, and both received byes into the semifinals.

The first match saw Dave Mills defeat Gary Robinson 266-227 (scores include handicap differential). Mills, who qualified for the last spot by four pins, then dispatched Kelly Holmes (T5) and O’Neil (T3) to reach the finals.

On the other bracket side, Queen outscored the only female in the finals, Kendra Griffin (T5) and fellow star Adcock (T3) 257 to 235 to reach the final match. In the championship, Queen was flawless, with 11 strikes and one single-pin conversion, winning 279-202, taking home $122.

The win by Queen came on the heels of back-to-back 300 games in a Nov. 1 tournament in Columbia IL and a Sport 300 at Spare Time on Nov. 10. That same night, Adcock also had a perfect game in ADM League play. The rest of the top-16, with handicap-enhanced scores, were:

8th Richard Lewis 925

9th Gene Vincent 919

10th Darrell Bean 917

11th Pat Hilligoss 916

12th Dan Goebel 905

13th Wendel Boyd 895

14th Tony Griffin 894

15th Chris Burns 874

T16th Clayton Griffin 871

T16th Larry Porter 871

Recognizing all the challenges faced by the sport of bowling since March and the efforts required to hold tournaments and provide playing opportunities, the Decatur USBC extends a special thank-you to tournament managers Phil and Amy Barry, their score-runners, Mike Schoneman and his customer-service staff, and to Spare Time Owner Gary Haines.

The next Central Illinois Bowlers Tour events are:

December 18th – Adult Horse Race

January 3rd – New Year’s Swiss Trio presented by Solid 9 Pro Shop

posted on January 21, 2020 (hat tip to Phil Barry)

The newly-minted doubles team of Haley O’Neil and A.J. Berry edged the duo of Tony Mahon and Cassie Walden, 387-358 (scores with differential handicap) to win the Friday Night Tournaments’ Blind Draw Doubles on Jan. 17, 2020 at Spare Time Lanes.

All pairings were made at check-in, with 38 competitors braving poor weather and road conditions to take part in this first-of-its-kind event in Decatur, also providing the first local tournament payout of the new decade.

After four games of total-pin qualifying, Mahon and Walden had the top stepladder seed with 1995, followed by Haley O’Neil and Berry (1983), Brandon Roberts and Kelly Holmes (1967), and Jon Alford and Tony Griffin (1943). Alford and Griffin vaulted a number of teams with a 532 in their final qualifying game.

In the final match, Haley got the upper hand over sister Cassie, as the latter had the misfortune of leaving four splits on the same lane in those ten frames.

Other Stepladder results:

First Match: Roberts-Holmes defeated Alford-Griffin, (426 + 6) 432-381.

Semifinal Match: O’Neil-Berry defeated Roberts-Holmes, (426 + 6) 432-320.


1st Haley O’Neil / A. J. Berry 1983 - $174

2nd Tony Mahon / Cassie Walden 1995 - $132

3rd Brandon Roberts / Kelly Holmes 1967 - $104

4th Jon Alford / Tony Griffin 1943 - $84

5th Matt Seger / Trisha Swartz 1924

6th Chris Burns / Sean Holmes 1897

7th Mike Valdahl / Mary Patel 1895

8th Derek Bradshaw / Chris O'Neil 1889

9th Frank Bilyeu / Heather Larsen 1854

10th Logan Bruner / Trevor Petro 1823

posted on January 9, 2020 (hat tip to Chris O'Neil)

The 2019-2020 Decatur Women's Championships concluded on Dec. 1 at Spare Time Lanes. The top three positions in each division are posted below. All results are unofficial:

Handicap Team - 1. Don't Care (Mary Patel, Vonna Mears, Kendra Griffin, Hannah Moore) - 2860; 2. Grandma's Girls - 2802; 3. Bird Farm - 2775

Scratch Team - 1. Grandma's Girls (Tammy Jones, Cassidy Walters, Chelsie Finch, Halry O'Neil) - 2511; 2. Don't Care - 2485; 3. Bird Farm - 2190

Handicap Doubles - 1. Haley O'Neil/Chelsie Finch - 1461; 2. Tammy Jones/Janet Vincent - 1433; 3. Cassidy Walters/Tammy Jones - 1422

Scratch Doubles - 1. Haley O'Neil/Chelsie Finch - 1359; 2. Tammy Jones/Janet Vincent - 1289; 3. Cassidy Walters/Tammy Jones - 1233

Handicap Singles - 1. Vonna Mears - 778; 2. Trinity Bush - 774; 3. Chelsie Finch - 754

Scratch Singles - 1. Chelsie Finch - 721; 2. Janet Vincent - 651; 3. Vonna Mears - 643

Handicap All-Events - 1. Vonna Mears - 2284; 2. Lauren Christianson - 2133; 3. Haley O'Neil - 2124

Scratch All-Events - 1. Chelsie Finch - 2099; 2. Haley O'Neil - 1926; 3. Tammy Jones - 1892

posted on December 16, 2019 (hat tip to Bill Hilbrick)

Brothers Bob and Harry Logan added to their team legacy with a doubles victory in the Illinois Senior Open Championships, which concluded on Nov. 3 in DeKalb.

The Logans, who competed for a world-record 67th consecutive time on Dec. 14 in the Peoria-Landmark Lanes Brothers Tournament, shot 1424 handicap at Mardi Gras Lanes in late October to win the 70-and-older A-Division. Bob Logan shot a three-game scratch series of 715, the best score in the division, including Doubles and Singles.

In dominating style, Frank Bilyeu earned a trip to the 2020 USBC Senior Championships with his performance in the 65-to-69-age B-Division. Frank's All-Events title, a 6-game handicap score of 1556 which was the top total in all five divisions, gave him the pathway to Louisville, KY next summer.

Bilyeu added a first-place in Handicap Singles, and his 791 there was also the best in the field. To close it out, Frank teamed with David West to finish 2nd in Doubles, at 1397 just seven pins shy of the winning score.

Also on the State Senior podium was the doubles team of Joe Laramee and Bruce Drake, who combined for 1415 with handicap to finish 2nd in the 55-to-59-age D-Division.

posted on December 16, 2019 (hat tip to Phil Barry)

Matthew Goebel defeated Lucas Boyd 266-213 to win the title in a high-scoring Youth Friday Night Tournament on Nov. 22 at Spare Time Lanes.

The tourney consisted of four qualifying games, after which the top 5 in the field of 22 would advance to bracket finals. The top three seeds, Boyd, Tucker Griffin and Goebel, received byes, while seeds 4 and 5 squared off, where Riley Barry shot 266 to Rachel Garrett’s 248.

The excessive pinfall continued into the semis, where Boyd edged Barry 243-238 and Goebel topped Griffin 216-178.

Goebel, who debuted in leagues just last season, started the championship match with three marks and was able to maintain his lead after ten frames to win his first FNT title.

The scores shown were based off 225 with an 80% handicap; however, given the average ranges of the players, handicap games exceeding 210 usually exceeded the bowlers' scratch averages. Complete results are shown below.

Final Results (with 4-game qualifying totals; all monetary awards are deposited in SMART accounts): 1st–Matthew Goebel 951 ($73); 2nd–Lucas Boyd 999 ($57); T-3rd–Tucker Griffin 963 ($45); T-3rd–Riley Barry 934 ($45); 5th–Rachel Garrett 919 ($36); 6th–Joshua D. Ragan 911 ($30); 7th–Eilyjah Woods 907; 8th–Luke Swartz 903; 9th–Link Fonseca 900; 10th–Aiden Page 890; 11th–Hunter Wilson 881; 12th–Alexis Mahon 873; 13th–Alex Short 872; 14th–Dillan Carter 847; T-15th–Kane Alford 840; T-15th–Jaxon Queen 840; 17th–Chloe Griffin 812; 18th–Tristin Quinlan 818; 19th–Alex Hudson 778; 20th–Madison Hawkins 761; 21st–Mason Griffin 757; 22nd– Brylan Yust 740

posted on December 16, 2019 (hat tip to Phil Barry)

Chris O'Neil average 251 in his four qualifying games and fought through three bracket matches to win the inaugural Friday Night Tournament of the season on Nov. 15 at Spare Time Lanes.

O'Neil, who took down Frank Bilyeu and Rhonda Culbertson in match-play, edged runner-up Jason Queen 204-202 to win the $98 top prize in an event featuring 42 bowlers of all averages and levels of experience.

James Heckwine started a series of high games with a 290 in qualifying. Unfortunately, Heckwine was the victim of a 290 thrown at him by Jason Queen in the first round of brackets.

Queen, who grabbed the final 8th seed, next dispatched 4th seed Cody Finley, who advanced by topping 5th ranked Sean Holmes. The other finalist was Scott Kopacz, who was defeated by Culbertson in round one.

The top 12 finishers, with applicable winnings, are as follows:

1st - Chris O'Neil 1007 ($98); 2nd - Jason Queen 912 ($73); T-3rd - Rhonda Culbertson 993 ($55); T-3rd - Cody Finley 979 ($55); T-5th - James Heckwine 1051 ($42); T-5th - Sean Holmes 940 ($42); T-5th - Scott Kopacz 926 ($42); T-5th - Frank Bilyeu 924 ($42); 9th - Anthony Mills 911; 10th - Nick Wykoff 908; T-11th - Brian Carter 906; T-11th - Jon Alford 906.

posted on November 13, 2019

After five hours of spirited competition, Carmen Howard and Jaxon Queen earned the two divisional championships in the 2019 Decatur Youth Masters, held on Nov. 10 at Spare Time Lanes.

Howard was the title-winner in the 150-and-over average division with her 225-223 (each with handicap) victory over Alex Short in their bracket final. Howard was the last player to qualify for the playoff, and she defeated top-seed Emma Raleigh to begin the double-elimination.

Raleigh had made a big splash the previous Sunday by firing a 297 game and 668 series in the youth city tournament. She continued her barrage in the Masters by averaging 270 (with handicap) in her four games of qualifying. Emma got through the elimination bracket but fell to Howard in a close semifinal match to finish third.

Also making the top-eight in the 16-player field were Lucas Boyd, Bryce Ruple, Eilyjah Woods, Brylan Yust and Victor Madrigal.

The 21 competitors in the 149-and-under average group sported a wide range of age and experience. Queen, at age 6 the second youngest bowler in the field, qualified fifth and swept through his bracket. In the final match, Queen faced the youngest player, 5-year-old Luke Swartz, and Jaxon topped Luke, 182-160 (both with handicap).

Jackson Whicker would have been eligible for the now-erstwhile Century award with his outstanding scratch score of 268 during the four games of qualifying, after which Whicker had a 123-pin lead. Per tournament rules, qualifying scores did not carry over into bracket play, and an opening match-play loss to Swartz put Whicker into the elimination bracket, resulting in a third-place finish.

In the quarterfinals, 11-year-old second-seed Riley Barry rolled one of his best career games, a 200, which converted to 208 using his 141 entering average, but he fell by a single pin to Matt Goebel’s 209 with handicap. Goebel would then fall to Queen to set the stage for the Decatur-area final.

Others who made the eight-player finals were Angelina Madrigal, Jalen Holmes and Arielle Watters. After adding sponsor and spectator donations, all 37 youngsters were able to receive scholarship awards.