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posted on April 19, 2018

It has been a staple of bowling since the inception of the TV-style stepladder final. A confident bowler or team amasses a huge lead after qualifying, but then a little angst arises, knowing that it may all drift away as the stepladder resets the numbers to zero.

Sheila Queen-Kistner and Scott Jaggers were the recipients of the reset, grabbing the top rung with a 453-413 victory over Jordyn Sussenbach and Tyler Young in the final match of the 2018 Frank Vincent Mixed Doubles Championship, held on April 15 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

Sheila was the star of the match as she spun a 246 game, while partner Jaggers chipped in with an even 200. They also used a seven-pin handicap advantage to take the top team prize of $1150.

Sussenbach and Young dominated the six games of qualifying, pacing the field by 204 pins and averaging 481 scratch as a team. Jordyn and Tyler are in their 20s and their careers are on the rise, as are those of Megan Szczepanski and A.J. Fair, the third-place finishers. The males on both of these teams grew up in the Decatur youth programs.

The pairing of Jennifer Potts and Brandon Roberts finished in 4th place, while the surprise team on the ladder, the veteran Decatur duo of Sue James and Matt Williams, rounded out the top five.

As was the case the day before, the event was a sellout at 51 teams. There were 50-50 ticket sales and silent auction items which benefitted SIU-Simmons Cancer Research.

Helping the cause in a generous way was Tim Finley, who gave all of his 50-50 winnings back to the tournament, donating to the research fund and to youth bowling, in honor of his fellow Hall of Fame mother, the late Rita Finley.

Don Sweet III of Washington, IL rolled a 300 game during qualifying, the only award score in the Sunday competition.

Final standings were as follows:


1st Place - Sheila Queen-Kistner/Scott Jaggers = 2836 (qual), $1150.00

2nd Place - Jordyn Sussenbach/Tyler Young = 3040 (qual), $650.00

3rd Place - Megan Szczepanski/A.J. Fair = 2750 (qual), $500.00

4th Place - Jennifer Potts/Brandon Roberts = 2789 (qual), $400.00

5th Place - Sue James/Matt Williams = 2741 (qual), $350.00

6th Place - Lauren Sides/Tim Heimann = 2738 ---- $300.00

7th Place - Ash Gargano/David Bartlett = 2730 -- $250.00

8th Place - Hallie Williams/Sam Parrish = 2707 - $200.00

9th Place - Dawn Guerrero/Don Sweet = 2706 ----- $170.00

10th Place - Tricia Queen/Jason Queen = 2705 --- $140.00

11th Place - Cassidy Walters/Adam Moore = 2686 - $120.00

12th Place - Haley O'Neil/Chris O'Neil = 2681 -- $110.00



Match #1: Szczepanski/Fair def. James/Williams, 439-416

Match #2: Szczepanski/Fair def. Potts/Roberts, 431-426

Match #3: Queen-Kistner/Jaggers def. Szczepanski/Fair, 443-408


Championship: Queen-Kistner/Jaggers def. Sussenbach/Young, 453-413

posted on April 19, 2018

Not even the two world-class bowlers themselves know how many tournaments they have won as doubles partners. But whatever that count was, you can add another to the list.

Jason Queen and Tom Adcock defeated Gabe Howell and Shawn Reed in the championship game to win their latest title, the Frank Vincent Memorial Doubles Shootout, held on April 14 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

In a steady, solid game, Adcock rolled 247 and Queen added 234 to defeat their fellow Decatur Bowling Hall of Famers by 38 sticks, winning $500 apiece, ten times higher than the individual entry fee.

On the momentum of Shawn's 298 game, the Reed-Howell pairing overtook top-qualifiers Shane Conaway and Travis Sumpter in one semifinal, while Queen and Adcock got the measure of Chris O'Neil and Rob Baser in the other. Reed and Howell took home $650 as the runner-up team.

Chris O'Neil and Shawn Reed also fired 300 games in the six-game qualifying, as did Springfield legend Camden Rokita. O'Neil, who leads Decatur in award scores this season, also added 255 and 259 around the perfecto for an 814, his fifth 800 in the 2018 calendar year, to go with six 300s.

A sellout crowd of 51 teams competed. The cash results and bracket matches were as follows:


1st Place - Jason Queen/Tom Adcock = 2914 $1000.00

2nd Place - Gabe Howell/Shawn Reed = 2839 $ 650.00

T3rd Place - Shane Conaway/Travis Sumpter = 2926 $ 450.00

T3rd Place - Chris O'Neil/Rob Baser = 2821 $ 450.00

T5th Place - Andy Stone/Larry Larsen, Jr. = 2896 $ 300.00

T5th Place - Darrell Bean/Corey Kistner = 2825 $ 300.00

T5th Place - Dave Mills/Casey Knowles = 2816 $ 300.00

T5th Place - Jase Finley/Seth Black = 2805 $ 300.00

9th Place - Rick Coy/Camden Rokita = 2743 $ 200.00

10th Place - Chris Ernst/Anthony Mills = 2716 $ 160.00

11th Place - Jordyn Sussenbach/Tyler Young = 2707 $ 130.00

12th Place - Marcellus Clay/Terrence Cloyd = 2702 $ 100.00


Round of 8: (1) Conway/Sumpter def. (8) Finley/Black, 435-425 (4) Howell/Reed def. (5) Bean/Kistner, 396-387 (2) Queen/Adcock def. (7) Mills/Knowles, 461-425 (6) O'Neil/Baser def. (3) Stone/Larsen, 507-381


Round of 4: (4) Howell/Reed def. (1) Conway/Sumpter, 529-449 (2) Queen/Adcock def. (6) O'Neil/Baser, 459-383


Championship: Queen/Adcock def. Howell/Reed, 481-443

posted on April 12, 2018

Bill Sargeant was elected as President of the new bowling Board of Directors on April 8 during the historic Decatur USBC Organizational Meeting at Spare Time Lanes.

Sargeant, a longtime league officer and one of only two Decatur bowlers to roll perfect games with both hands, edged fellow candidate Trinity Bush, 33 votes to 30 votes. Bush was elected Vice-President and Ben McCoy was marked on the most ballots for Sergeant at Arms.

A total of 16 Directors were elected. Four of these, Rob Baser, Alyssa Bird, Haley O'Neil and Nathaniel Davis will concentrate on youth programs. Bird and Davis are members of youth leagues, as the USBC encouraged and permitted youths 14 and older the opportunity to be elected to the merged Board.

The other twelve elected Directors were Cynthia Howell, Hannah Moore, Chris O'Neil, Gary Palas, Cody Finley, Crystal Madrigal, Kathy Moore, Nick Wykoff, Becky Bird, Jim Calvert, Carol McGonigle and Darla Stanford.

In 2016, the United States Bowling Congress mandated that all Local Associations merge their ladies, men's and (if applicable) youth boards of directors, with the new merged boards to be operational on or before August 1, 2018.

posted on April 12, 2018

Janet Vincent set a city record on April 5 with an 828 series in the Pla-Mor Women's League, which was the latest in a series of incredible performances by Decatur's top bowlers.

Vincent, a member of the Decatur, Springfield and Illinois Bowling Halls of Fame, registered games of 269, 279 and 280 to also set a personal record.

A few pairs to the north on the same night, Chris O'Neil fired games of 289, 267 and 299 for an 855 set in the Pla-Mor Men's League. It was his second series over 850 in a nine-day stretch. On March 24, O'Neil rolled another 299 and added a pair of 279s for an 857 series in the Double Trouble League.

Though he was bereft of award scores in the first half of this season, the 29-year-old O'Neil has been on fire since rolling a 300 on January 12. Chris had a perfecto in his 845 series in a tournament at Pheasant Lanes on January 28. He has five 300 games and four series exceeding 800 in 2018.

Nursing a sore back, Tom Adcock became the first elite-level Midwest Regional bowler to win the same event for the third straight year. Between March 16-18, and competing with amateur status, Adcock outlasted a field of 40 professionals to win the PBA50 Showtime Lanes Open in Virden.

One week later, Adcock topped a field of 30 players to win a berth in the United States Open tournament, at a BPAA-certified qualifying event held on March 24 at Spare Time Lanes. In his nine qualifying games, Tom rolled a 300 on the challenging U.S. Open oil pattern, which only saw four players average over 200.

Like Vincent, Adcock has been elected to the Decatur, Springfield and Illinois Halls of Fame.

Patty Dodd is a member of the Decatur Bowling Hall of Fame, and now she can also be called "State Champion." In March, Dodd rolled a 724 series in the Singles competition of the Illinois USBC WBA Championships, which was held in Joliet between Feb. 3 and March 25.

Patty's 817 score-with-handicap resulted in a 7th-place finish.

Steve Napier continued his comeback season with a 300 game on April 1 in the Odd Doubles League at Pla-Mor. In December, Napier registered a 300 game and an 824 series in the same league.

Brandon Roberts is an emerging star, as shown by the three perfect games that he has bowled in the 2017-2018 campaign. His latest came on March 10 in the Double Trouble League.

Another lady rejoined the 800 ranks in January, as Haley O'Neil spun games of 286, 278 and 243 for an 807 set on the 13th in the Pla-Mor Women's League, her second career 800.

Other Hall of Famers have registered award scores this season, including Organ Donor Awareness tournament champion Jason Queen, Larry Larsen, Shawn Reed and Bennie Holman. Rob Baser was the latest in this group, firing a 300 game and 803 series on April 12 in the Pla-Mor Men's League.

Youth bowlers were not excluded from the scoring barrage. Ian Tanzyus, 17, rolled his first career 300 on March 10 in the Spare Time youth program.

posted on April 12, 2018

Sammy Taylor of Peoria defeated Steven Jarvis and Steve Romero in the championship round to win the second annual Roto-Grip Eliminator on March 18 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

Taylor fired games of 268 and 267 to clinch the title and a $550 first-place check. Jarvis, who rolled one of two perfect games on the day in qualifying, earned $400 for second place, while Romero took home $250

Phil Barry rolled the other 300 game, also in qualifying, while Britt Sturgeon won the drawing for a Roto-Grip ball of his choice. It was the second time this season that Sturgeon was the holder of the golden ticket.

A total of 51 bowlers participated in the unique "Eliminator" format, in which the top 12 qualifiers were placed into groups of 4, with the low score on each pair being eliminated each subsequent round. The 3 semifinal survivors were Taylor, Jarvis and Romero, who bowled a one-game showdown for the trophy.


Cashers were as follows:

1st: Sammy Taylor $550

2nd: Steven Jarvis $400

3rd: Steve Romero $250

T4th: Keith Hillen $150

T4th: Christopher J O'Neil $150

T4th: Shawn Reed $150

T7th: Megan Szczepanski $100

T7th: Phillip Barry $100

T7th: Justin Holman $100

T9th: Tyler Mills $75

T9th: Jordan Lutz $75

T9th: Andre Campos $75

13th: Bennie Holman $50

posted on March 6, 2018

The Decatur/St. Louis-based team of A.J. Fair, Tim Heimann and Steven Jarvis captured the title in the 4th Annual Pla Mor Swiss Trio Presented by Roto Grip, held on Feb. 11 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

The team, named "Mikakis Toosmall," defeated the runner-up threesome who called themselves "Stone Berries" (Phillip Barry, Amy Barry, Jennifer Stone) in the position match.

A sellout roster of 36 teams COmpeted in the unique Swiss format, which is all match-play and enables every team to win prize money.

Three bowlers earned honor scores. Tim Heimann shot 300 and also won the Roto-Grip bowling ball raffle; David Winchester rolled a qualifying three-game aggregate of 287-279-267=832, and Jason Jones accomplished both awards with 276-300-226=802.

Tournament Manager Corey Kistner saluted the 108 bowlers and thanked bowling center owner Gabi Fyke, mechanics Blake and Hooper, customer service reps Mike Schoneman and Leslie Schoneman, plus volunteers Sheila Queen-Kistner, Kenzie Mahon, and Bryan Hill for a successful tournament.


The top-11 teams were:

1st: Mikakis Toosmall (Heimann, Fair, Jarvis) - $1408

2nd: Stone Berries (Barry, Barry, J.Stone) - $955

T-3rd: Team TBD (Hamilton, Winchester, Miller) - $729

T-3rd: Satchel Gizmo & Soupcan Sam (Coleman, B.Nelson, S.Nelson) - $729

T-5th: 2 Wrongs & A Right (Taylor, Pollard Sr., Ogle) - $380

T-5th: Team JK2 (Wilderman, Potts, Reagan) - $380

T-5th: Triple X Pro-Shop (M.McMasters, Drews, Alvarez) - $380

T-8th: BRUNSPIEPI (Adcock, Bartlett, A.Stone) - $101

T-8th: Team RDB (Covington, Peratt, Fogerson) - $101

T-8th: And Sometimes Y (J.Sussenbach, L.Sussenbach, Young) - $101

T-8th: Team McMasters (JMcMasters, Sirratt, Kopacz) - $101


Non-cashing teams earned $1 per point won during the event.

posted on March 6, 2018

Michael Wilcox and Rob Baser took top individual honors in the 2018 Decatur USBC Open Championships, which concluded in a cloud of angst and controversy on Jan. 21 at Spare Time Lanes.

Wilcox captured his first two city titles; in Scratch All-Events with a 2112 total, and in Scratch Doubles with Phil Barry (1398). Baser, a member of the Decatur Bowling Hall of Fame, was the winner in Scratch Singles with a 742 set.

Also finding a podium position in All-Events were runner-up Larry Larsen, Jr. (2103) and third-place Tony Mahon (2071).

The scratch team winners were the Hillywoods; Keith Hillen, Tim Frey, Shawn Reed, Gabe Howell and Kyle Holliday, who posted a 3347. The handicap team championship was captured by one of Ron Snyder's tournament-high eight entries. Snyder #1, which shot 3673, included Snyder, Brian Carter, Anthony Mills, Dave Mills and Chris Ernst.

The winning handicap doubles team was the duo of Nick Wykoff and Brandon Roberts. The hard-working newcomers shot 1542 to outpace the daughter-father team of Sandra Hector and Tom Hector, Sr. Sandra Hector was the highest-finishing female in all divisions.

Eric Gray shot 667 scratch off his 168 entering average, and his 807 aggregate was enough to win Handicap Singles over defending champion Kevin Ruffner (779). Ernest Stoops (158 entering average) averaged 202 over his nine-game all-events to amass 2326 pins to win Handicap AE.

Stoops and Gray took advantage of a new 2017-2018 Pla-Mor league, the Monday Quad Match-Play, to increase their time on the lanes to hone their skills, as they both earned their first career city titles.

An irreparable failure in the lane-dressing machine led to having only nine of the scheduled 12 squads compete on equivalent lane conditions. Despite attempts by the host center and the Decatur USBC Board to give bowlers a chance to compete on equal conditions by adding an extra weekend, the request to extend the tournament was denied by the United States Bowling Congress.

The impact of this decision meant that some bowlers who chose not to compete on the unequal conditions (with the understanding that an extra weekend would be available) were unable to finish their desired nine games and received entry-fee refunds. Other bowlers, who had no scheduling option except to bowl in the final three squads, competed on the drier lanes, with mostly under-average results.

The Competition Committee voted in its Feb. 3 meeting that this situation would not be held against the affected bowlers as it applied to All-City eligibility.

re-posted on March 6, 2018

Brittany Nelson defeated Haley O'Neil in the championship match to win the title in third annual Roto-Grip Women's Challenge Presented By A&L Construction & Custom Trophies.

The tournament was held on December 10, 2017 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

Nelson had an outstanding 260-with-handicap to outpace O'Neil's 227, capturing the $500 first place prize.

The top 5 finals were as follows (Scores with hdcp):

#4 Dana File defeated #5 Amy Barry 226-222

#3 Mackenzie Mahon defeated #4 Dana File 222-200

#2 Haley O'Neil defeated #3 Mackenzie Mahon 246-234

#1 Brittany Nelson defeated #2 Haley O'Neil 260-227


Complete cashers:

1st Brittany Nelson $500

2nd Haley O'Neil $300

3rd Mackenzie Mahon $200 (SMART Funds)

4th Dana File $150

5th Amy Barry $125

6th Kathleen Archibald $100

7th Lani Pascual $75

8th Ashley Kirby $60

9th Ashley Gargano $55

10th Janet Vincent $50

11th Tara Quinlan $45

12th Sarah Flanagan $40


Tournament management gave special recognition to all 37 participants and sponsors Diane Doty (Custom Trophies), Crystal Park Madrigal (A&L Construction), Brent Sloan (Sloan's Calzones), Tricia Queen (Pink Zebra), Jessica Underhill (Advocare) and Roto-Grip.

Also recognized were the Pla-Mor staff, plus volunteers Phil Barry and Michelle Vought, plus added assistance from Haley O'Neil between games.

re-posted on March 6, 2018

Leading the field from the first strike to the final spare, the City of Bloomington won the second rendition of the Braggin' Rights Intercity Team Tournament on Sunday, December 3, 2017 at Pla-Mor Lanes in Decatur.

The battle between the venues of defending champion Decatur, Peoria, Springfield and Bloomington consisted of 15 total players per city, divided into three teams of five. Each team had one lady, one bowler over 50, and three high-level regulars.

The best score of the 12 teams was registered by Peoria's Team A, whose members were brothers Tom and Benny Barnwell, Mark Stenger, Hailey Jepson, and former Illini point guard Tony Wysinger.

Bloomington rode to the overall victory with consistent team finishes, as their squads placed second, third and 7th. Their top-scoring quintet featured Jessica Underhill, Chris Stenger, Rick Kidd, Jason Jones and Andy Stone.

The third-place team was comprised of Ashley Gargano, Gordie Glover, Dave Bartlett, Will Keiser and Tyler Adams. The winning city was rounded out by the grouping of Melissa and Dustin Hopkins, Mike Boogren, Adam Johnson and Matt Gargano.

Peoria finished in second place, 140 pins behind Bloomington. The 2014 champions completed play in third place, 184 pins ahead of the Springfield fifteen.

The perpetual Braggin Rights trophy, which had been on display in Decatur since July 2014, now resides inside of Pheasant Lanes, the site of the 2018 Illinois State USBC Open Championship, Southern Division, which will start on April 7, 2018.

re-posted on March 6, 2018

Jordan Watters and Victor Montes won their respective divisions at the 2017 Decatur Youth Masters Tournament, held on November 12 at Spare Time Lanes.

Watters defeated Brylan Yust in the title match of the 139-and-under average bracket, collecting $225 in scholarship funds. Yust earned $175 in future education money for his runner-up finish.

The other two semi-finalists in the 139 Division were third-place Stefanie Cripe, who bowled in a bright-color dress, and fourth place Riley Barry, who bowled his most games in a single day, nursing a thumb injury.

In the higher-average grouping, Montes overtook Aiden Page in his championship match, and Victor also earned $225 in scholarship funds. Page prospered to the tune of $175 for his run through the elimination bracket.

Also reaching the semifinals were third-place Ian Tanzyus, who stormed out of the gate with a career-high 750 series in his first three games of qualifying, and fourth-place Blake Evans, who contended for top honors throughout the morning and afternoon.

The tournament managers saluted Spare Time Lanes and all donors, including remote contributions by Blake Wurmnest from Bloomington and Decatur's Bobby Harrison, who had been in North Carolina at the time. Over $2100 in scholarship money was dispensed in this second-annual event.

The tournament also thanked the management of Decatur's WAND-TV, NBC Channel 17, for filming the event and providing a feature story during their evening newscast on the day of the tournament.


Final Standings --- 139 and under Division:

Champion: Jordan Watters ($225)

2nd Place: Brylan Yust ($175)

3rd Place: Stefanie Cripe ($125)

4th Place: Riley Barry ($95)

T5th Place: Bradin Bolt ($55)

T5th Place: Luca Coffman ($55)

T7th Place: Bobby Fowler ($35)

T7th Place: Daytona Fowler ($35)


Final Standings --- 140 and over Division:

Champion: Victor Montes ($225)

2nd Place: Aiden Page ($175)

3rd Place: Ian Tanzyus ($125)

4th Place: Blake Evans ($95)

T5th Place: Carmen Howard ($55)

T5th Place: Nathan Bush ($55)

T7th Place: Kaela Durbin ($35)

T7th Place: Kyle Newton ($35)


All scholarships will be added to each bowler's SMART account.

re-posted on March 6, 2018

For the fourth straight season, the team of Bennie Holman and Connie Sargeant were recipients of the Decatur Senior Bowler of the Year Award, with presentations made at the 42nd Annual Decatur Bowling Hall of Fame Banquet on November 4, 2017 in Forsyth.

Rounding out the Bowler-of-the-Year ceremony were presentations to youth players Nic Riley and Rebecca Bush, the respective male and female honorees.

Holman, who had a top average of 235 in his three 2016-2017 fall leagues, vaulted to the top spot on the strength of six perfect 300 games in the 12-month period between August 1, 2016 and July 31, 2017. Bennie also added an 805 and 810 series in Decatur league play.

Along with his son Justin, plus Tom Scribner, Ryan Scribner and two-time Ladies' Bowler of the Year Chelsie Finch, Bennie Holman was recognized on February 18, 2017 at King Pin Lanes in Springfield for his role on a record-setting team. Holman's fivesome rolled a 3733 scratch score in the 2016 Central Illinois Tournament, which was the top total in the United States for the 2015-16 campaign for a 4-man/one-lady team.

On that squad, Bennie Holman had the highest series of the five, a 791. Holman was elected to the Decatur Bowling Hall of Fame in the year 2000 for career Outstanding Performance, and at age 59, he is still generating multiple award scores each season (Holman turned 60 on December 8, 2017).

Sargeant captured top honors for the fifth time overall. Her top averages were 188 and 177. Connie was enshrined in 2011, also in the Superior Performance category. Sargeant has been part of several league champion teams, and she has topped the 700-mark more than a dozen times. Her career-high game is 285, and she earned All-City status four times prior to turning 55.

Bush is taking classes at Richland Community College in its CAN program. Rebecca's goal is to become a Registered Nurse. Last season, her high average was 171, her high game was 247, and her high series was 609.

Riley is also matriculating at Richland, and he also works as a Certified Grain Inspector for the Mid-Iowa Grain Company. Nic's highlight of the 2016-2017 season was rolling a perfect 300 in the Pepsi State Tournament. His high average was 223, his high Decatur game was 269, and his high set was 795.

Eliana Kopetz was also the recipient of the Lonnie Klukis Memorial Scholarship, a $200 endowment given to the top high school senior, as determined by the Hall of Fame Board-based committee. This scholarship is open to boys and girls, but only one is bestowed on an annual basis.

Eliana averaged 174 in her 2016-17 Saturday youth league. Eliana was raised via home-schooling, and she earned graduation status last spring, and she volunteers for several area support programs.

re-posted on March 6, 2018

The 42nd Annual Decatur Bowling Hall of Fame Banquet was celebrated on November 4, 2017 at the Hickory Point Golf Course Banquet Facility, and family was the theme for all five inductees.

For the first time, members from three generations of the same family were enshrined on the same evening. Darrell Bean was saluted for Outstanding Performance. His father Ken Bean was recognized in the Veterans category, as was Ken's mother, Trudy Bean.

The other two electees were Cynthia Howell and Shelley Golladay who both joined their significant others in the Hall. Howell earned Superior Performance status, an honor which her husband Gabe received in 2015. Golladay joined husband Greg in the Decatur shrine through her Meritorious Service. Greg Golladay was elected in 1999 for Exemplary Performance.

Darrell Bean, 42, is a longtime service technician for Fleener and Roberts. He started his Decatur career in 1993, and he has bowled 34 perfect games and 19 800-plus series, with a top score of 824.

Darrell has dozens of tournament championships, and he was part of a record-setting state champion team that rolled 1386 in one game and 3786 for the series, totals that have not been eclipsed in IBA play. He has been part of two Baker-300 games, once in Doubles and aso in the 5-person Braggin' Rights tournament in 2013, a 15-player squad which he captained to victory.

Ken Bean is the owner of Fleener and Roberts, and the 64-year-old lefty (tuned 64 on November 7, 2017) has ten 300 games and five 800s in his trophy case. Ken's top series is 839, and he will be the defending Handicap Team champion in the upcoming 2018 Decatur USBC Open Championships.

Trudy Bean, 86, bowled for nearly five decades and was a longtime team captain, also serving as a league officer and association delegate. She was a fixture in the Moonlight, Major City and N & W Cannonball Leagues, to name the most recent ones. It is estimated that Trudy toppled over 1.2 million pins in her 49-year career. Between the ages of 54 and 74, she excelled by averaging between 167 and 176 in her best leagues.

Howell is not done accumulating high scores, but what she has to-date places her at the top level of young inductees. Howell has a perfect game to her credit, rolled on November 2, 2009, and her best three-game series is 774. She has nearly a dozen city championships, combining WBA and City Mixed. Cynthia has also won several events away from Decatur, with a handful in Doubles competitions where husband Gabe was her partner.

Cynthia has collected every Decatur WBA and USBC individual emblem for which she is eligible, and she also has a top-7 scratch finish in the "Men's" City Tournament. This occurred in January, where she bowled a 278 game with the last 11-in-a-row.

Golladay, 61, has competed in Decatur for 41 seasons. She is currently recovering from knee-replacement surgery, but she plans to start her 42nd campaign sometime in 2018. Golladay is a longtime volunteer on the Decatur Women's Board, serving on nearly every committee and chairing several of those.

Shelley has propelled her mixed teams to several league titles, and she also has a City Tournament victory on her mantle, Team Handicap in the 2015-16 season.

re-posted on March 6, 2018

Chelsie Finch and Corey Kistner earned the Bowler of the Year award for the 2016-17 season, and they received their accolades during the Decatur Bowling Hall of Fame Induction Banquet on November 4, 2017 at the Hickory Point Golf Course.

Both Finch and Kistner captured all four City Association Scratch Championships available to them during the previous campaign. Chelsie successfully defended the three Decatur titles she claimed in 2015-16, when she was named Bowler of the Year for the first time.

For Finch, a graduate of the Decatur youth program, Eisenhower High School and Robert Morris College, her WBA victories were forged at Spare Time Lanes in November 2016, in the Women's City Tournament.

Partnering with Trisha Swartz, Chelsie tied for the Scratch Doubles title (1266) with Tricia Queen and Haley O'Neil, but for the individual events, Chelsie stood alone, with 2090 in All-Events and 727 in Singles. Along with teammates Cynthia Howell, Crystal Madrigal and Tricia Queen, Finch was on the champion Team with a total score of 2580.

Finishing the 2016-17 season with a top average of 219, Chelsie achieved her career-highs on November 3, 2016, when she bowled 299 (10-pin), 279 and 214 for a 792 series in the Pla-Mor Women's League. In Springfield in February, she was honored, along with father-son pairings Bennie and Justin Holman, and Tom and Ryan Scribner, for bowling the best three-game series in the country during the 2015-16 season, a 3733 in the Central Illinois Tournament. On that team, Chelsie contributed 698.

Finch's accomplishments in January 2017 led to what some consider to be the greatest month ever by a Decatur lady bowler. Working backwards, on the 29th, she swept both scratch titles in the Decatur Women's 600 Club Tournament. Chelsie fired another 698 in Singles, then she added a 671 to O'Neil's 610 to win Doubles with 1281.

One day earlier, she competed in the BA (nee Men's) City Tournament, and Chelsie came away with top-7 finishes in both Scratch Doubles (with Howell) and Scratch Singles, spinning 277 and 286 in the process.

Her greatest January triumph was not eligible for Decatur points, as it occurred in Springfield. On January 7, 8 and 14, Finch defeated some of the top lady bowlers in the state to take home the tiara for the first time in the Florence Scott Around the Town Tournament, a major Midwest event which now covers three venues over three days.

Other Decatur champions of this event include members of the Decatur, Springfield and Illinois Bowling Halls of Fame; Tammy Jones, Janet Vincent and Gene Vincent. Finch's capital city victory eclipsed that of her current ADM League teammate Tom Adcock, who finished second in the 2017 Men's ATT.

Chelsie's on-lane performance continues to shine this season. Prior to the November banquet, she strung strikes into the 10th frame on four occasions, with a top game of 298.

Kistner, 42, also had a magnificent season, with award-winning results in Decatur and Bloomington. Corey's City victories were earned at Pla-Mor Lanes in January, firing 2253 in All-Events, 769 in Singles, 1528 in Doubles (300/802 with Darrell Bean's 726) and 3411 in the team event, collaborating with Darrell and Gary Bean, Steve Burger and Larry Larsen, Jr.

In addition to the two award scores in City Doubles, Kistner added two more perfect games, an 803 in the Pla-Mor Men's League, and two 299s, a 300 and an 825 in Bloomington tournaments. Moreover, Kistner spun the best 3-game series in the Decatur Association in 2016-17, an 847 on October 20, 2016.

from October 2017, re-posted on May 11,2018

Tom Adcock and Jason Queen lapped the field, combining on a 299 in qualifying, taking the checkers and a championship in the 2017 Decatur Baker Doubles presented by Roto Grip on October 29 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

No strangers to winning doubles tournaments, the Adcock-Queen duo led the field by shooting +363 after 12 Baker games, earning the top seed. They followed that with a perfect 5-0 match game record, eventually defeating the 2015 Baker Champions, Darrell Bean and Gary Bean, 228-206 in the title match.

The tournament had a record 51 teams, with bowlers traveling from the Chicago area, St. Louis, Peoria, Bloomington, Champaign and Danville, as well as within Decatur. David Blackard won the special drawing which entitled him to a Roto Grip ball of his choice.

There was a perfect Baker 300 rolled during the qualifying games, and it was spun by the team of Chris and Haley O'Neil.


Match play/cashers results:

1st: Tom Adcock/Jason Queen (5-0) $830

2nd: Darrell Bean/Gary Bean (6-2) $600

3rd: Tyler Young/Jordyn Sussenbach (3-2) $400

4th: Karl Wilson/LaMeika Wilson (3-2) $300

T5th: Nick Wykoff/Brandon Roberts (2-2) $240

T5th: Larry Larsen/Andrew Stone (2-2) $240

T7th: Benny Barnwell/Tom Barnwell (2-2) $180

T7th: Rick Kidd/Jason Jones (2-2) $180

T9th: Jase Finley/Larry Porter (1-2) $120

T9th: Nichole DePaul-Miller/Jason Miller (1-2) $120

T9th: Dennis Lowder III/Justin Hatcher (1-2) $120

T9th: Donald Harper/Darren Peplow (1-2) $120

13th: Sheila Queen-Kistner/Hannah Moore (0-2) $105