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posted on March 10, 2014

Ryan Wilderman threw three solid strikes in the 10th frame of the final match to earn his first local bowling title, as he teamed with Cynthia Howell to win the 2014 Land of Lincoln Tournaments/Mixed Doubles Championship Presented by Allstate on Sunday, March 9 at Spare Time Lanes.

Wilderman's punch-out completed a 258 game and was the decisive blow in his team's 470-461 victory over the tournament's top seed for the third straight year, Decatur's Janet Vincent and Storm/Turbo national staff representative and PBA Regional champion Chris Sand, who was making one of his two annual visits to Decatur to represent his companies.

In the four-team stepladder, Cynthia Howell rolled games of 223 and 231, while Ryan Wilderman started with 255 and 223, and from the fourth seed, they dispatched the three-seeds, Carol and Steve Wakefield and second-ranked Vicki Taylor-Gary Bean, to advance to the final match.

In that game, Howell contributed a solid 195, and for Wilderman, his high game of the afternoon capped off an epic 11-day span in the sport. On February 26 in the New Elks League, Ryan rolled his first 300 as an adult, almost exactly 10 years after his premiere 12-bagger as a Decatur youth bowler.

"It wasn't the 300 that helped me as much today; it was all the work I've been doing on my game in the past month," Ryan said after the victory. "I have a tendency to lean forward at the foul line and I've been working on keeping my shoulders back at release to stay in control."

Wilderman was aware of, but not intimidated by, the star-studded team that he was facing in the final match. "You do realize whom you are bowling against," Ryan continued. "It's exciting to compete with bowlers who have reached such an elite caliber."

Cynthia Howell was riding a hot streak of her own entering the tournament. Over the past month, Cynthia had registered a trio of 700s, including a city-season-high 774 with a 289 game in the Good Time Girls League.

The pairing of Howell and Wilderman was a spouse swap, one of several examples of cross-pollination which makes this handicap tournament unique. While Ryan and Cynthia joined forces, their arguably more-decorated counterparts, Kimber Wilderman and Gabe Howell, also entered the record field of 48 doubles teams. Kimber and Gabe also finished in-the-money, in 11th place.

Southpaw Sand, of Chesterfield, Michigan, rolled a perfect game and averaged 257 in the six-game qualifying, while Decatur and Springfield Ladies' Hall of Famer Vincent averaged 243 to amass a 116-pin lead, which was subsequently deleted due to the TV-style, head-to-head finals format.

Steve Wakefield and Jay Hogue also rolled 300s during the six games of qualifying. The top two Decatur teams who just missed the stepladder finals were fifth-place Rhonda Brummitt/Doug Incarnato and 6th-place Jamie Brown/Ryan Scribner.

The Vincent family extends their thanks to all bowlers, sponsors and the Land of Lincoln team, including Dennis Hacker and Jeff Carter, for their assistance with the March 8-9 bowling events in Decatur.

posted on March 10, 2014

Andy Stone, a tall, powerful right-hander from Normal, averaged 246.4 for the five games of competition to win the third-annual Land of Lincoln Tournaments/Plastic Ball Challenge Presented by Roto-Grip on Saturday, March 8 at Spare Time Lanes.

Stone, a veteran who participates exclusively in Bloomington Association Sport Bowling Leagues, was able to outlast former Team USA member and current Storm/Turbo national representative Chris Sand by 26 pins in a scratch event where only plastic or polyester bowling balls were permitted.

Defending champion Corey Kistner placed third, and the cash list was rounded out, in order, by Dave Bartlett and Dan Bays of Bloomington, Ray Silveri of Springfield, 2012 champion Al Pote of Lake City, Decatur's Darrell Bean and Taylorville's Tyler Vocks.

Justin Stiner rolled the first 300 in the history of the Plastic Ball Challenge in game four, while Kistner ran the front-11 before leaving the 4-7 in his game-two 298.

A record number of 39 players participated, and to indicate the effect of using plastic equipment, on a roster where half the players had league averages of 220 or better, the five-game tournament field average was 194.

posted on February 27, 2014

The next meeting of the Decatur USBC BA Board of Directors will be an Open Meeting, set for Saturday, March 22 at 2pm CDT at Spare Time Lanes.

The USBC has informed local associations that, unless otherwise specified, local board meetings are to include only voting and appointed Board members (the Association Manager is appointed). Local boards are allowed to hold Open Meetings, where all card-carrying DUSBCBA members are invited to watch the proceedings and provide opinions and advice.

If you have an idea to bring before the Board, but are unable to attend the March 22 meeting, please leave your idea or opinion at the front desk, addressed to the DUSBCBA Board.

posted on October 28, 2013

PBA Regional Champion and 1997 ABC Masters winner Jason Queen added another prestigious title to his resume during October, as he was named the top Sport League bowler in the United States for the 2012-2013 season.

The 40-year-old Queen, winner of 12 Midwest Regional titles, earned a 228 average in the Decatur Sport League last season, which was the top average among all Sport-certified bowlers in the United States Bowling Congress.

Sport Bowling was established in the 1990s by the American Bowling Congress (now USBC) as an alternative to competition on Standard lane dressing patterns, where scoring has escalated over the past three decades. Sport Bowling lane conditions are considered to be 10-to-15% more difficult than standard conditions, based on differing levels of experience and average.

posted on October 25, 2013

Christa Jordan reached perfection for the second time in a city tournament, Hall of Famer James Box claimed a pair of titles, and first-year Decatur bowler Chris O'Neil shot 801 to highlight the 2013 Decatur City Mixed Tournament, a two-weekend event which concluded on Oct. 13 at Spare Time Lanes.

Jordan, who rolled a 300 in the DWBA 600-Club Tournament in January 2012, blasted another 12-bagger in her first game on the final day of the Mixed tournament, finishing the day with a 730 series. It was Christa's fourth career perfect game.

Though Jordan's heroics could not elevate her team to a prize-winning position, James Box helped two teams to the top. Box rolled a 781 series to lead "Not Enough Chocolate" to a 2998 and the handicap division championship. His teammates were Holly Wright, Trinity Bush and Larry Porter.

On the scratch side, Box was not quite as accurate, rolling a 598 series on October 6, but southpaw O'Neil made up the difference in a big way, firing games of 266, 300 and 235 for his first 800 award as a Decatur resident. They paired with Tammy Jones and Haley Baser, and the 2715 by "2-Lefts-2-Rights" won the scratch division by four pins.

One day earlier, O'Neil came close to another 300, leaving a 7-pin on his 11th ball of the first squad to roll a 289. Shawn Reed's 290 and Gabe Howell's 299, where the 4-pin denied perfection, earned both bowlers the USBC 11-in-a-Row crystal trophy.

Also reaching the 300 mark was 60-year-old Tom Whitcomb, on the final Sunday of the event. The 2012-2013 Decatur Senior Men's Bowler of the Year surrounded the trey with games of 239 and 244 for a 783 series.

A total of 31 teams competed, the highest level of entries since the 2007 edition of the tournament. Prize lists are posted at Pla-Mor and Spare Time, with checks to be dispersed on or before Nov. 9.

from September 28, posted on October 16, 2013

Champaign's Scott Buchholz fired a 300 in the championship match to lead Team Romero to the overall victory in the inaugural September 28 "Triple-Threat Challenge" at Spare Time Lanes.

Buchholz' 14th career perfect game allowed his team to sprint past the family trio of Ed, Jim and Cory Hollis 672-658 in the title game. But for Buchholz, 21 months ago, the idea of even walking again was unknown.

"I had a very bad motorcycle accident and was in the hospital for 31 days," Buchholz said. "They basically had to rebuild my left leg. I can't even jog on it and it took a long time to where I could even bowl."

Buchholz was able to complete 30 league games at the end of last season, averaging 196. But he flashed his old form on that sunny Saturday afternoon, adding games of 258 and 268 along with his 300 finale.

Buchholz was aided by teammates Kim Maclan and captain Steve Romero, who formerly worked in Decatur. They qualified 2nd for the four-team bracket final

The tournament also featured an unprecedented three-game run by 53-year-old Al Pote, who bounced back from a 171 start with games of 276, 279 and 287, helping his teammates Arthur Click and Shane Conaway gain the top seed, eventually finishing T3 after a loss to the Hollises in the semifinals.

from September 27, posted on October 16, 2013

The newly-formed Decatur team of Scott Bird and Chad VanDolah raced to a decisive victory in the Elmer C. Fischer 700-Club Doubles Tournament on September 15 at King Pin Lanes in Springfield.

In a field of bowlers that included 230-plus averages Shawn Reed, Camden Rokita, Rick Coy, Dave Barker and others, the 220-average VanDolah and the 217-average Bird were consistently over-average on their title run in an event which is part of the Mary Teubner Cancer Research series.

In another series event on the first weekend of September, Decatur's Chelsie Finch won the Adult Division title in the Mary Teubner Memorial Pro-Am, a prelude to their 12th Annual Team Challenge Presented By Storm.

A major annual Springfield tournament, this year's Team Challenge was graced by the presence of several PBA stars, such as Bill O'Neill, Derek Sapp, Tommy Jones, George Branham III, John Sczerbinski, plus home-state standouts Anthony LaCaze and Jason Queen.

The team title was captured by the Jones-Szcerbinski quintet, which also featured Team USA veteran Derek Eoff, rising start Jesse Buss and amateur standout Chris Drewes.

from August 13, posted on October 16, 2013

In an event he had circled on his calendar for months, Decatur's Tom Adcock paired with PBA regional star Kerry Painter to win the inaugural PBA50 Senior-SuperSenior Doubles Presented By Brunswick on August 13 at Spare Time Lanes.

The Adcock-Painter team defeated a pair of PBA Hall of Famers, Johnny Petraglia and Wayne Webb, 267-187 in the final match, and each of the victors took home $5000 for the championship.

The 51-year-old Adcock, a Decatur and Illinois Bowling Hall of Famer, was competing in his second PBA50 event, both coming at Spare Time National Tour stops. The lanky right-hander qualified 6th in the 50-59 age bracket after the August 11-12, 16-game field-setter. He was teamed with Painter because the Henderson, NV native also qualified 6th in the SuperSenior division.

The Adcock-Painter team qualified in second position for the Baker-formatted stepladder finals, and they had the unenviable task of facing PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber, teamed with Emilio Mora, Jr., to try to avdance to the final game.

Seeing that Weber was locked in on the right lane of the championship pair, and assuming that Mora would continue to let Weber bowl the even-numbered frames, Adcock and Painter used their lane choice advantage to force Weber and Mora to swap lanes. The strategy worked as Weber lost his look, and the Adcock-Painter team rolled to a 220-194 win.

The victory capped off an exciting seven days for Adcock, who had greeted his first grandchild during the previous week.

posted on August 7, 2013

Twelve Decatur bowlers were part of a record 39-team field in the August 4 Mary Teubner Memorial Doubles Tournament at King Pin Lanes in Springfield, and two of the teams registered big scores en route to top-five finishes.

The longstanding team of Tom Adcock and Jason Queen burst out of the gate, averaging 271.5 for their first 3 games. Adcock earned a USBC award with an 836 series (289-279-268), while Queen rolled a 793.

Adcock, who captured the title in King Pin's July 4 Singles sweeper, was the top individual in the tournament, averaging nearly 260 for eight games of qualifying.

Meanwhile in game five, a newer but equally formidable Decatur team of Tyler Young and PBA Champion Jake Peters had their own game to remember, as both took all-strikes into the 10th frame. A 2-pin on the 11th ball relegated Peters to 289, but Young went off the sheet for a perfect 300, giving the duo the highest single game (589) of the tournament.

It was a testament to the quality of the field that, despite these heroics, the Queen-Adcock team completed the qualifying block in second place, while the Peters-Young team had to swaet if out for the 7th and next-to-last spot for the Baker finals.

Both teams were eliminated in the quarterfinals, as was the top-seeded superteam of former national champion Tom Hess and USBC tournament record-holder Derek Sapp. The event was won for the second straight year by the standout Missouri team of Chris Taylor and Shea Bittenbender.