By Al Pote, For January 13, 2010

One of Decatur's most unique bowling leagues, the center of scoring attention for most of this bowling season, took things to an even higher level over the past month.

The Pla-Mor Early Elks League consists of male and female members, and one of its leading ladies, Janet Vincent, notched her 18th career 300 game just prior to Christmas. The 12-bagger was the highlight of a 779 series.

As if she needed to produce validation, Vincent complied two weeks later with a 747 set.

"It's just a fun league to be in, and it's great bowling with my family," Vincent said. "I think the relaxed atmosphere makes everyone bowl better."

Family was front-and-center during Scott Shafer's perfect game on December 30. "Right before we started, I told my youngest daughter (Amylie) that I needed to get a 300 ring for her like I had done for my oldest daughter, Isabel. But it had been two years since my last one."

Shafer's string fulfilled one dream but also brought back an unpleasant memory.

"Getting this 300 was great," Shafer said, "but it also reminded me about Isabel's ring. Somehow we lost it two weeks after it arrived, and we've never found it."

In the most recent Elk session, James Box fired games of 247, 300 and 277 for his 13th perfect game of the season and an 824 series. Box had the front-nine in his third game but misfired on his first shot in the 10th in his second career attempt for consecutive 300 games.

Dan Floyd also strung 21 consecutive strikes last week, but his came out of the gate, resulting in a first-game 300 in the N & W Fellowship League at Spare Time. Unfortunately, Floyd was off the mark on his 22nd attempt, ending game two with a 265 and finishing the night with a 782.

Doug Teague rolled an 802 set one week ago in the ADM League. Tom Whitcomb notched his sixth career 300, and a 771 series, on Thursday in the Pla-Mor Men's League. Earlier, Chris Henneman notched a 299 and 759 in the N & W men's loop.

The Miller Lite League nearly witnessed history one week ago as Tara Bunning (171-average) spun the first 11 strikes. Unfortunately, Bunning missed her mark on the money ball and ended the game with 296, part of a 634 series.

The previous night, Cynthia Howell made her sixth 700 of the season her best, a 761, in the N & W Cannonball League. One day earlier, during the Community Twosome tournament at Spare Time, Stacey O'Neill registered a 718 set.

PERFECTION REFLECTION: Tyler Young ended 2009 with his second career perfect game, and it came on a day where he had to alter his routine.

"There was no league at Spare Time that day (Dec. 26), so I didn't have three games in before I went to Pla-Mor," Young said. "I really didn't do anything different in the last frame except I slowed down some."

Young went 300, 258 and 227 for a season-best 785 series. Young shot an 801 at the age of 13 in 2007, and he had also registered a 300 in a Bloomington tournament one year later.

TOURNAMENT TRIUMPH: Jason Queen ended a dominating day with a 300 in his final game to capture the Arrowhead Lanes New Year's Classic in Champaign. Queen lapped the field by nearly 300 pins to win the annual scratch sweeper.

CITY REMINDERS: The entries for the first weekend of the 71st Decatur USBC BA Open will close at 7pm tomorrow. Entries for the January 23-24 squads will close on January 20. The Women's 600-Club tournament has been relocated to Spare Time Lanes for its annual run on February 6-7.
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Final Results of the 2018-2019 Open Championships (City Tournament)

80th Annual Decatur USBC Open
Championship: Feb. 16-Mar. 10, 2019 - at Spare Time Lanes

Handicap Singles

  • Daniel Goebel - 793
  • Cory Hollis - 768
  • Michael Abel - 756

Scratch Singles

  • Phillip Barry - 747
  • Shawn Reed - 738
  • Jason Queen - 729

Handicap Doubles

  • Tom Adcock/Jason Queen - 1533
  • Garrett Strohl/Jarid Thompson - 1488
  • Bob Gray/Frank Bilyeu - 1458

Scratch Doubles

  • Tom Adcock/Jason Queen - 1533
  • Tim Frey/Phillip Barry - 1372
  • Patty Dodd/Bennie Holman - 1358

Handicap All Events

  • Cory Hollis - 2285
  • Bryson Poe - 2210
  • Jason Queen - 2168

Scratch All-Events

  • Jason Queen - 2168
  • Tim Frey - 2156
  • James Heckwine - 2113

Handicap Team

  • Nic Riley (Nic Riley, Ben McCoy, Michael Wilcox, Jon Alford, Phillip Barry) - 3634
  • Dad's Team - 3535
  • Bring Back Pla-Mor - 3406

Scratch Team

  • Nic Riley (Nic Riley, Ben McCoy, Michael Wilcox, Jon Alford, Phillip Barry) - 3567
  • Bring Back Pla-Mor - 3406
  • Balls Deep - 3187