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posted on September 21, 2017

Tom Hector Sr. was the first Decatur bowler to register an award score for the 2017-2018 fall season, and he did so in grand style, doubling his pleasure and setting a personal record in the process.

Hector, 43, started the night with a perfect 300 and added games of 279 and 234 to end with an 813 series in the August 27 edition of the Odd Doubles League at Pla-Mor Lanes. It was Hector's fourth career perfect game, but it was the first time that he exceeded the 800 mark in his 13 Decatur Association seasons.

At age 24, Tim Frey already has dozens of award scores on his ledger, and he added another perfect game on September 14 in his final game in the Pla-Mor Men's League.

Six days later, Decatur Bowling Hall of Famer Bennie Holman registered a first for him, rolling a pair of 300 games in bookend fashion in the Building Trades League at Spare Time Lanes. Holman, still going strong at 59, had a 196 in the middle game to complete a 796 series.

posted on July 7, 2017

The Decatur quartet of Corey Kistner, Tom Adcock, Larry Larsen Jr. and Darrell Bean outscored a field of 32 teams to win the annual Firecracker Team Shootout on Friday-Saturday, June 30-July 1, at Strike & Spare West Lanes in Springfield.

The local luminaries, using the name Team Boom which has dominated local and state lane play for the past three seasons, defeated the Springfield-based team of Chris Jacobs, J.D. Hamrick, John Hamrick and Steve Beal 838 to 802 to take the winner's trophy back to Decatur.

Another neighborhood foursome made the top-eight bracket match-play. Chad VanDolah, Greg Cook, Britt Sturgeon and Rob Baser qualified in the 5th position. However, they lost their first match and were credited with a tie for 5th.

After the tournament, team captain Corey Kistner announced that the Team Boom name would be retired, effective immediately. Kistner's Pla-Mor Men's team will roll under a different, yet-to-be-determined moniker for the 2017-18 season.

posted on July 7, 2017

Vince Pollard Jr. emerged from the loser's bracket and won back-to-back matches against Decatur's hottest southpaw to win the annual Decatur Double-Elimination Challenge on June 25 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

Pollard, a top Peoria-area player, defeated Chris O'Neil 202-194 in the "if-game" to take home the top prize. The 64-bowler bracket was nearly full, making it one of the largest summertime turnouts in Decatur tournament play.

Two upper-echelon bowlers rolled perfect games during the course of the tournament, Bloomington's Andy Stone and Springfield's Keith Hillen. Hillen was the top bowler after five games, averaging 260, while Stone rolled concurrently at a 242 pace. However, neither bowler cracked the top-8.

The only other Decatur bowler in the final eight was Jason Queen, who finished T7. From third, the other finishers were Chris Matthews, Bob Ogle, Paul Bober, David Bartlett and Kenny Schockency.

posted on June 12, 2017

First-year volunteers Cody Finley and Chris O'Neil were elected to the Decatur USBC BA Board of Directors, while Chris' wife Haley fended off all challengers in a three-game tournament, all part of the final BA Council of Delegates meeting, held on May 13 at Spare Time Lanes.

James Calvert and Corey Kistner were re-elected as Directors, joining Cody Finley and Chris O'Neil on the ballot for the final year of the erstwhile Men's Association, which will merge with the Decatur WBA on August 1, 2018, creating the Decatur Area USBC BA, as mandated by the United States Bowling Congress.

Art Fakes was re-elected as Vice-President, joining President Scott Bird and Association Manager Bennie Holman as Line Officers for the 2017-2018 season. Over 40 certified Decatur bowlers attended the meeting, which included complimentary food and beverages.

Topping the 16-player field in the Beat-A-Board-Member Invitational, Haley O'Neil fired games of 187, 279 and 237. Her score-with-handicap of 757 edged out Gabe Howell by 22 pins. Howell closed the 2016-17 DUSBCBA Fall Season in style, rolling a perfect 300 in his final game. Howell also had a 12-bagger on his final night (April 28) in the Strikers-Cavalier League.

Two men announced their retirement from, and were saluted for their contributions to, the DUSBCBA Board. Director Darrell Bean worked as City Tournament Manager for the past two seasons, while Jerry Butler was recognized for his decade of service as a BA Director.


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DBA Calendar

Final Results of the 2016-2017 City Tournament

78th Annual Decatur USBC Open
Championship: Jan. 14-29, 2017
at Pla-Mor Lanes

Handicap Singles

  • Kevin Ruffner - 809
  • Eric Dudley - 802
  • Paul Carlton - 799

Scratch Singles

  • Corey Kistner - 769
  • Darrell Bean - 732
  • Chris O'Neil - 722

Handicap Doubles

  • Corey Kistner/Darrell Bean - 1533
  • Trevor Petro/Mike Anderson - 1524
  • Paul Carlton/Jacob Field - 1511

Scratch Doubles

  • Corey Kistner/Darrell Bean - 1528
  • Tom Adcock/Jason Queen - 1419
  • James Box/Tim Frey - 1414

Handicap All Events

  • Kevin Ruffner - 2395
  • Kevin Smith - 2311
  • Garrett Strohl - 2287

Scratch All-Events

  • Corey Kistner - 2253
  • James Heckwine - 2106
  • (tie) Tim Frey - 2106

Handicap Team

  • No Tap (Ken Bean, Kevin Smith, Spencer Hollis, Cory Hollis, Jim Hollis) - 3668
  • Da Birds & Da Bees - 3657
  • BTKM - 3550

Scratch Team

  • I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (Gary Bean, Larry Larsen Jr., Darrell Bean, Corey Kistner, Jason Queen) - 3411
  • Who's Carrying Who? - 3265
  • Team Turbo - 3247

Final Standings: 2016-17 Decatur USBC Open Championship (City Tournament)

2015-2016 All City Teams

Men's (Positions 1-10)   Seniors (Positions 1-5)
Corey Kistner
Chris O'Neil
Tim Frey
Steve Burger
Gabe Howell
Darrell Bean
James Box
Jim Hollis
Ben McCoy
Al Pote
Rob Baser
Greg Golladay
Burnard Lane

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