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posted on February 14, 2019

Following a long holiday break, and after making a necessary change in venue, the Decatur Friday Night Tourney series resumed on Feb. 8 at Spare Time Lanes with Adult and Youth Doubles competition. The bowling public responded with a solid entry list of 21 adult teams and six youth pairings.

On the elder side, the Peoria partnership of Steven Lawson and Danielle van der Meer won their two bracket games to take the title and split up $230 in prize money. In the final game, the Lawson-van der Meer duo defeated top-seed Jon Alford-Ben McCoy, 442 to 374. Alford's pocket 7-10 prevented that pair from making a complete comeback.

The other two teams in the top four were Tony Mahon-Jason Meeks and Chris O'Neil-Gabe Howell. Both fell in the semifinals and earned $58 apiece, eclipsing their $25 entry fees.

In the bonus singles matchup, reigning King of the Hill Casey Knowles had to face two opponents, Lawson and van der Meer, and in that three-way match, Lawson was victorious with a 227 scratch/252 handicap.

The youth title was garnered by the team of Taylor Barry and Alex Short. Barry and Short led the upstart group with a qualifying score of 1913, and they faced the twosome of Eric Wurmnest Jr. and BJ Dumas in the championship match. Barry-Short combined for 451 with handicap, 43 pins clear of their rivals.

The younger set also had a bonus match to determine the Prince of the Hill, as Josh Ragan had earned that title back in November. This time, however, the award became Princess of the Hill, as Taylor Barry shot a 243 with handicap, topping her doubles partner Short by four pins. All youth prize money was transferred to SMART accounts.

The other adult cashing team was 5th place Paul Mills/Kris Mills ($45 each). The top-10 was rounded out in order by Jason Finley-Seth Black, Byron Miller-Mark Drews, Michael Brummitt-Wayne Lingafelter, Larry Porter-Brian Carter and Robert Gray-Tom Adcock.

The other competitors on the youth side were Riley Barry-Lucas Boyd (3rd), Josh Ragan-Tristin Quinlan (4th), Bradin Bolt-Carmen Howard (5th) and Lane Mayfield-Peyton Mayfield.

The season's final FNT is scheduled for March 8 at Spare Time Lanes, and it will be a handicap Singles event.

posted on December 6, 2018

A quartet of area bowlers won the All-Events competitions in their respective age groups in the recently-completed 2018 Illinois State Seniors Tournament, which was held at Northgate Lanes in Galesburg.

Tim Woods, in his first State Seniors tourney, shot 1319 with handicap to win the Age 55-59 classification. Also in his premiere, Michael Tanzyus captured the 60-64 category with a six-game total of 1433.

Another sparkling debut was generated by Phil Daugherty, whose 1372 put him in P-1 in the Age 70-74 division. Daugherty also placed first in Singles with 708, and he teamed with Tanzyus to win the 60-64 Doubles with 1350. The age group in Doubles is determined by the younger of the two players.

Finally, Gary Haines took home two titles in the 65-69 category. Haines shot 662 scratch/724 handicap to win his Singles group, and he added a 612/674 in Doubles to amass a total of 1398, far above any other All-Events competitor in his bracket.

In addition to prize money, the State Senior All-Events champions earn a free entry into the following year's USBC Senior Championships. The 2019 rendition of this tournament will be held Aug. 6-9, 2019 at Western Bowl in Cincinnati, longtime home of the legendary Hoinke Classic.

posted on December 4, 2018, with thanks to Corey Kistner for contribution

Laura Stone reached a milestone on her return from surgery with a 236-226 victory over top-seed Tammy Walsh in the title match of the 2018 Decatur Women's Challenge Presented By A&L Construction and Custom Trophies. The tournament was held on December 2 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

Stone was outside of the cut line with one qualifying game remaining; however, on the strength of a 280 game (including handicap), Stone vaulted to the 4th seed for the five-lady stepladder final. From there, Laura dispatched Rhonda Culbertson, defending champion Brittany Nelson and Jackie Varner to reach the title match.

Walsh earned the top seed with a qualifying-record 1516, Bowling all-scratch, Walsh went 201, 238, 279, 254, 290 and 254 again. A split on the 11th ball of game six prevented Walsh from reaching 800 in that USBC-approved three-game block.

Varner also shined with a 299 game during qualifying, amassing a six-game total of 1487, normally high enough to get to P-1.

For Stone, it was an emotional watershed victory, as she is still coming back from early-2018 wrist surgery. The operation took her off the lanes for over six months, and when Laura returned, she started with a 10-pound ball. Normally throwing 15s, Stone was using a 13-pound ball in the tournament. The ten total games were twice the maximum that she had bowled in one day post-surgery.

Both Stone and Walsh are predominant players in the Bloomington area, but Walsh has bowled the Match Play Summer League at Pla-Mor, while Stone, when healthy, has been in Spare Time's Decatur Sport League since 2014.


Stepladder Results (Scores w/handicap):

Match 1: #4 Laura Stone def. #5 Rhonda Culbertson 252-246

Match 2: #4 Stone def. #3 Brittany Nelson 214-178

Semi-Final: #4 Stone def. #2 Jacki Varner 254-213

Championship: #4 Stone def. #1 Tammy Walsh 236-226



1st: Laura Stone $501

2nd: Tammy Walsh $370

3rd: Jackie Varner $275

4th: Brittany Nelson $200

5th: Rhonda Culbertson $150

6th: Kimber Moscardelli $110

7th: Tammy Jones $100

8th: Ashley Ward $90

T9th: Kala Grigg $75

T9th: Amy Barry $75

11th: Brittany Snyder $60

12th: Trisha Swartz $50

Jennifer Stone held the lucky ticket which, after it was drawn, entitled her to a new Roto Grip bowling ball of her choice.

posted on December 4, 2018, with thanks to Corey Kistner for contribution

Kenny Shockency and Bob Ogle prevented a perfect Baker team from winning two straight tournaments by capturing the 2018 Decatur Baker Doubles Presented by Roto Grip championship on Nov. 18 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

Shockency/Ogle defeated the team of David Winchester and Byron Miller in the title match to take home the $800 first-place check and add their names to the Decatur champions roster.

The Winchester-Miller duo, who bowling in the Champaign-Danville corridor, bowled a Baker 300 during the match-play round, had taken home the title in the previous week's Double-Elimination Doubles at Pla-Mor.

The Shockency-Ogle pairing, who participate in the Peoria-Pekin-Canton region, qualified 8th for the double-elimination finals and went a perfect 5-0 in match play.

A massive turnout was welcomed, as 44 teams took the lanes for the unique Baker Doubles format. The top 11 teams advanced to the bracket finals with the top 5 teams earning first round byes. Cashers are shown below:

1st: Kenny Shockency/Bob Ogle $800

2nd: David Winchester/Byron Miller $550

3rd: Scott Tapley/Mike McWethy $400

4th: Dan Marazzo/Joey Crawford $300

T5th: Brandon Scal Biondo/Bryan Halen $240

T5th: Richard Covington/Mike McMasters $240

T7th: Andrew Stone/Larry Larsen $180

T7th: Christopher J O'Neil/Gabe Howell $180

T9th: Tyler Young/Jordyn Sussenbach $120

T9th: Tyler Adams/Will Keiser $120

T9th: John Helige/Eric Huffman $120

Trisha Swartz was the tournament's raffle winner, selecting a new Roto Grip ball of her choice.

posted on November 12, 2018, with thanks to Rob Baser for contribution

Here are the official results of the 1st Annual Decatur USBC Youth City Tournament and the scholarship money that each bowler will get placed into their SMART account. Thank you to all the sponsors and people who volunteered to raise the money, that was put into the prize fund.

Handicap Singles

1. Alex Short = $230; 2. Zabreon Burns = $190; 3. Taylor Barry = $150; 4. Carson McCoy = $115; 5. Nathaniel Davis = $100; 6. Tie = Lucas Boyd and Emma Raleigh - $80 each.

Handicap Doubles

1. Alyssa Bird-Nathaniel Davis = $190 each; 2. Brylan Yust-Zabreon Burns = $135 each; 3. Emma Raleigh-Aiden Page = $85 each; 4. Taylor Barry-Alex Short = $62.50 each.

Handicap Team

1. Clayton McCoy-Bobby Fowler-Victor Montes-Josh Ragan = $139 each; 2. Makayla Hankins-Dominic Hankins-Madison Hawkins-Tucker Griffin = $50 each.

Scratch Singles

1. Nathaniel Davis = $15; 2. Clayton McCoy = $5.

Scratch Doubles

1. Alyssa Bird-Nathaniel Davis = $5 each.

posted on November 12, 2018, with thanks to Phil Barry for contribution

Riley Barry ended Josh Ragan's 2018 winning streak with a head-to-head victory in the youth division of the November 9 Friday Night Tournament at Pla-Mor Lanes. Joining young Riley on the top step was another "Junior," so-to-speak, Larry Larsen, who bested a field of 35 adults to win his division.

Barry, seeded second, defeated third-seed Lucas Boyd to earn the right to bowl Ragan in the final match. Ragan could not match his enormous Youth Masters score, but he added $60 more to his SMART fund, while Barry bagged the title and $84 in scholarship money.

In the separate "Prince-of-the-Hill" match, Gabe Fyke defended his crown with a 177-171 (handicap-included) victory over Barry Riley.

Larsen earned the 8th and final berth in the bracket finals, and he defeated top-seed Blake Wurmnest, who fired a 1019 in qualifying, by two pins. Larsen then topped Will Keiser 266-259 en route to a victory over Ron Snyder, who took out Hannah Moore and Scott Shafer to reach the final.

In the "King-of-the-Hill" contest, Larsen dethroned reigning king Brian Carter to grab an extra $30 and assure a one-game match against the December 7 doubles champions.

Youth Final Results: 1. Riley Barry $84 SMART

2. Josh Ragan $60 SMART

3. Lucas Boyd $40 SMART

4. Kenzie Mahon 910

5. Tanner Strampp 896

6. Gabe Fyke 850 ($30 SMART)

7. Blake Evans 830

8. Tristin Quinlan 805

9. Isabella Ledesma 797

Top-10 Adults: 1. Larry Larsen $136 (+$30 KOH)

2. Ron Snyder $105

3. 3. Will Keiser $75

4. 3. Scott Shafer $75

T-5. Blake Wurmnest $50

T-5. Byron Miller $50

T-5. Hannah Moore $50

T-5. Chris O'Neil $50

9. Travis Sumpter $35

10. Sheila Queen-Kistner 903

posted on November 12, 2018, with thanks to Corey Kistner for contribution

Dakota McDermith and Josh Ragan added their names to the Decatur Youth champions list by winning their divisions in the 2018 Decatur Youth Masters, held on Nov. 4 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

McDermith was in the 149-and-under division, and he has recently employed the two-handed release to improve his game. The improvement manifested as he led his group by over 100 pins in qualifying and undefeated in match play, topping Bobby Fowler in the title match.

Ragan dominated the 150-plus division from the start, firing a 280 in his first qualifying game and 759 in his first three. He had enough of a lead to absorb one loss in match play (going 4-1), but he left his best for last. In the title match against Alex Short, Ragan ran the first 10 strikes. Gunning for his first perfect game, Josh just missed as the 10-pin stood. However, a spare conversion gave Ragan a 289 and the top scholarship award.

That made Ragan 2-for-2 in local tournaments in 2018, as he also won the youth division in the September 14 Fridat Night Tournament at Pla-Mor.

Over $2000 in scholarship money was awarded, with assistance from sponsors including (Blake) Wurmnest Trucking, Eric Trentz' Fully-Promoted, Diane Doty and Susan Gross' Custom Trophies and Ben McCoy, along with Roto Grip, who donated a bowling ball that earned $800 in scholarship dollars.

149-and-Under: Final Standings (Earnings in the form of scholarships)

1st: Dakota McDermith $200

2nd: Bobby Fowler $150

3rd: Jordyn Oyler $125

4th: Jordan Watters $100

T-5th: Riley Barry $75

T-5th: Carson McCoy $75

T-7th: Angelina Madrigal $50

T-7th: Dillan Carter $50

9th: Jaxon Queen $25

10th: London Thomas $25

11th: Isabella Ledesma $25

12th: Daytona Fowler $25

13th: Kaylynn Madrigal $25

14th: Link Fonseca $25

15th: Glen King III $25

16th: Briyanna McDermith $25

17th: Keenan Mears-Griffin $25

150-and-Over Final Standings (Earnings in the form of scholarships)

1st: Josh Ragan $200

2nd: Alex Short $150

3rd: Nathaniel Davis $125

4th: Tristin Quinlan $100

t5th: Aiden Page $75

t5th: Mackenzie Mahon $75

T-7th: Clayton McCoy $50

T-7th: Victor Montes $50

9th: Hailey Thompson $25

10th: Gabe Fyke $25

11th: Blake Evans $25

12th: India Wright $25

13th: Lucas Boyd $25

posted on November 12, 2018

The Decatur Bowling Hall of Fame invited six new members to its shrine on October 27, 2018, with the induction ceremony held at the Hickory Point Golf Course.

Inducted for Superior Performance were Crystal Madrigal and Steve Napier. Kristi Snyder was recognized for her Meritorious Service. The Veterans' category added Mary Holliday and Bill Sargeant, while Percy Meeks was recognized in Memoriam.

Madrigal has a pair of perfect games and three association championships to her credit. Crystal has also earned a trio of 600-Club titles, and she has placed on the Women's All-City team on nine occasions.

Napier notched dozens of award scores between 1985 and this century, and he elaborated on the importance of his record-setting performance in 2003. In the Bud Light Scratch League, he rolled an 803 in his first three games, but then bowled a perfect game in his 4th and final match. Not only was the 1003 a city record, but it also occurred on Feb. 4, his father's birthday.

Snyder was feted for her service to charity and for organizing and leading bowlers to tournaments and league play. Kristi has served as a league secretary and as an association director. She was praised for her work with Easter Seals, Big Brothers and Special Olympics.

Holliday, a co-leader of a dedicated bowling family, was saluted for consistent excellence over a 30-year period. Mary was also a league secretary and loyal tournament participant, earning multiple high-season-score awards within the leagues in which she competed.

Sargeant joined his wife Connie in the Hall of Fame with his performance on the lanes and behind the scenes. He is one of two Decatur bowlers who have rolled perfect games left-handed and right-handed, with fellow Hall member John Hilligoss being the other. Sargeant has been a longtime league officer and is now the President of the Decatur USBC Board, newly-merged for 2018 and beyond.

Family members eloquently told the story about the late Percy Meeks, as his widow Jenet and son Jason related their memories. Those who bowled in Decatur between 1975 and 2010 will always remember a man who seemed larger than life but as gentle as gentlemen come. Meeks' biggest accomplishments were a perfect game in 1998 and his help in forming the IL-MO Travel League, a third-Sunday staple that stretches across Central Illinois.

The 2017-2018 All-Star teams and Bowlers of the Year were also recognized and received awards. The top players for the past season were Haley O'Neil (Ladies), Connie Sargeant (Lady Seniors), Jason Queen (Men's), Tom Adcock (Male Seniors), Alyssa Bird (Girls) and Nathaniel Davis (Boys).

Davis was also presented the Lonnie Klukis Memorial Scholarship for a combination of bowling and service accomplishments. The second Fred Redding Award was presented to Chris O'Neil, who registered six perfect games a half-dozen 800s, and four paychecks in PBA competition over the 12-month period.

posted on November 12, 2018, with thanks to Phil Barry for contribution

Casey Knowles captured the Adult Division and Josh Ragan won the Youth Division in the September 14 Friday Night Tournament at Pla-Mor Lanes.

Knowles, who averaged 193 in his only league last season, took his Pla-Mor Men's experience to place himself 5th in qualifying for a round-of-6 bracket final. Knowles then dispatched Laura Stone and top-see Blake Wurmnest to make the final.

In the opposite bracket, second-seed Dave Mills drew a bye and then defeated 3rd seed Tony Mahon, who had eliminated Larry Porter, to set up the final game. In that match, Knowles outscored Mills 205-194 (all scores include handicap) for the title.

Three bowlers made the youth finals, and in qualifying order, they were Jordan Watters, Gabe Fyke and Josh Ragan. In the semifinal, Ragan got a strike on the final ball to top Fyke 197-192. In the title match, Ragan stayed on point, outscoring Watters 202-184.

A total of 32 bowlers competed.

Final Youth Standings: 1st Josh Ragan 901 - $90 SMART

2nd Jordan Watters 993 - $62 SMART

3rd Gabe Fyke 957 - $40 SMART

4th Taylor Barry 891

5th Owen Uebelhoer 867

6th Riley Barry 844

7th Blaytn Koonce 819

8th Brady Hillen 818

9th Lucas Boyd 814

Final Adult Top-10: 1st Casey Knowles 933 - $130

2nd Dave Mills 948 - $90

T-3rd Tony Mahon 939 - $65

T-3rd Blake Wurmnest 994 - $65

T-5th Laura Stone 938 - $47

T-5th Larry Porter 928 - $47

7th Scott Jaggers 922

8th Cody Finely 915

9th Keith Hillen 884

10th Chris O'Neil 879

posted on September 10, 2018, with thanks to Corey Kistner for contribution

The Danville-area team of Logan Oakes, Doug Oakes, and Mike McMasters defeated the Champaign trio of Brittany Nelson, Rhonda Culbertson and Brett Fogerson 605-585 in the championship match of the 2018 Triple Threat Trio, held on Sept. 9 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

The Oakes/Oakes/McMasters combination earned the top seed after five games of qualifying, where the top three teams advanced to a step-stool rolloff. In the semi-final match, Nelson/Culbertson/Fogerson defeated the Bloomington-based team of Tammy Tapley, Scott Tapley, and Mark Drews by a score of 647-582.

Other tournament highlights included a 7-10 split conversion by Tim Frey and games of 289 and 286 rolled by James Heckwine. Decatur's Heckwine averaged 252 for the tournament, leading all bowlers.

Frey's team, which included fellow hometown players Amy Barry and Phil Barry, came up 43 pins short of the ladder to finish 4th. Thirteen teams competed in the event, and prize money was distributed as follows:

1st: Oakes/Oakes/McMasters ($651)

2nd: Nelson/Culbertson/Fogerson ($420)

3rd: Tapley/Tapley/Drews ($240)

posted on September 10, 2018, with thanks to Corey Kistner for contribution

Springfield's Ray Silveri, Jr. withstood the challenges of 63 competitors from all over Illinois and Missouri to win the 2018 Double-Elimination Challenge, which was contested at Pla-Mor Lanes on August 18, 2018.

Silveri, a Springfield Hall of Fame member, qualified 27th with a 628 in his first three games. Ray improved his scores during bracket-elimination play, rolling games of 207, 213, 240, 243 and 261 while reaching the final four.

In the semi, Silveri bested Eric Wurmnest, Jr. 243-235, and then Ray earned the overall title by outscoring tournament runner-up Phillip Manuel, going undefeated in match-play to take home the $560 top prize.

Manuel captured $410 for finishing 2nd and Brandon Biondo cashed $305 for third. Fourth place was earned by Wurmnest, who is a youth bowler, adding $235 to his substantial SMART fund account.

Scott Reinken fired a 299 game in the first game of qualifying and later a 290 to record the first and third-highest individual games. Alex Clark also ran the front-11 but settled for a 297 in the first round of match play.

Other cashers and their finishing positions were as follows:

T-5th: Devin Varner $185.00

T-5th: Will Keiser $185.00

T-7th: Mark Stinger $150.00

T-7th: Tammy Walsh $150.00

T-9th: Alex Clark $120.00

T-9th : Joe Wolf $120.00

T-9th: Kimber Moscardelli $120.00

T-9th: Terrence Cloyd $120.00

T-13th: Devin Klotz $95.00

T-13th: Keith Hillen $95.00

T-13th: Scott Reinken $95.00

T-13th: Theresa Czerniak $95.00

posted on September 5, 2018, with thanks to Corey Kistner for contribution

Brittany and Sam Nelson continued their winning ways in Decatur with a 100-pin win in the 2018 Summer Doubles Sweeper, held on August 12 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

The Nelsons, who call Savoy's Old Orchard Lanes their home house, defeated the pairing of Kahlar and Mark Drews 497-397 in the championship match to earn the $750 first-place prize. The Drews' took home $500 for 2nd.

In the opening match of the finals, the Drews topped the team of Chris O'Neil and Gabe Howell in a match which came down to the final ball, where the Drews' eked out a 436-432 victory. O'Neil/Howell took home $360 for 3rd.

Tim Frey rolled a perfect 300 during qualifying, and Peoria's Sammy Taylor came close with a 299. O'Neil was the top individual player on the day, with a pair of 280 games and a 256 overall average.

Despite the short length of time between confirmation date and the event itself, the response by Decatur and area bowlers was superior, as 31 teams entered the championship.

The order of finish was as follows:

1st: Brittany Nelson/Sam Nelson = $750

2nd: Kahlar Drews/Mark Drews = $500

3rd: Chris O'Neil/Gabe Howell = $360

4th: Phillip Barry/Tim Frey = $270

5th: Brad Moore/Bob Ogle = $210

6th: Shawn Reed/Tyler Mills = $150

7th: Jennifer Stone/Larry Porter = $110


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DBA Calendar

Final Results of the 2017-2018 City Tournament

79th Annual Decatur USBC Open
Championship: Jan. 6-21, 2018
at Spare Time Lanes

Handicap Singles

  • Eric Gray - 807
  • Kevin Ruffner - 779
  • James Heckwine - 778

Scratch Singles

  • Rob Baser - 742
  • Larry Larsen Jr - 739
  • James Heckwine - 735

Handicap Doubles

  • Nick Wykoff/Brandon Roberts - 1542
  • Sandra Hector/Tom Hector Sr - 1527
  • (tie) Garrett Howard/Jason Howard - 1521
  • (tie) Al Pote/Ron Snyder - 1521

Scratch Doubles

  • Michael Wilcox/Phil Barry - 1398
  • Al Pote/Ron Snyder - 1370
  • Larry Larsen Jr/Kevin Besser - 1348

Handicap All Events

  • Ernest Stoops - 2326
  • Roger Klaska - 2295
  • Nick Wykoff - 2292

Scratch All-Events

  • Michael Wilcox - 2112
  • Larry Larsen Jr - 2103
  • Tony Mahon - 2071

Handicap Team

  • Snyder #1 (Ron Snyder, Brian Carter, Anthony Mills, Dave Mills, Chris Ernst) - 3673
  • Boo's Crew 2 - 3657
  • Bowl Split - 3647

Scratch Team

  • Hillywoods (Keith Hillen, Tim Frey, Shawn Reed, Gabe Howell, Kyle Holliday) - 3437
  • Team Turbo - 3396
  • Boo's Crew - 3272

Final Standings: 2017-18 Decatur USBC Open Championship (City Tournament)