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posted on September 10, 2018

The Danville-area team of Logan Oakes, Doug Oakes, and Mike McMasters defeated the Champaign trio of Brittany Nelson, Rhonda Culbertson and Brett Fogerson 605-585 in the championship match of the 2018 Triple Threat Trio, held on Sept. 9 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

The Oakes/Oakes/McMasters combination earned the top seed after five games of qualifying, where the top three teams advanced to a step-stool rolloff. In the semi-final match, Nelson/Culbertson/Fogerson defeated the Bloomington-based team of Tammy Tapley, Scott Tapley, and Mark Drews by a score of 647-582.

Other tournament highlights included a 7-10 split conversion by Tim Frey and games of 289 and 286 rolled by James Heckwine. Decatur's Heckwine averaged 252 for the tournament, leading all bowlers.

Frey's team, which included fellow hometown players Amy Barry and Phil Barry, came up 43 pins short of the ladder to finish 4th. Thirteen teams competed in the event, and prize money was distributed as follows:

1st: Oakes/Oakes/McMasters ($651)

2nd: Nelson/Culbertson/Fogerson ($420)

3rd: Tapley/Tapley/Drews ($240)

Contributing news and information to this story was tournament organizer Corey Kistner.

posted on September 10, 2018

Springfield's Ray Silveri, Jr. withstood the challenges of 63 competitors from all over Illinois and Missouri to win the 2018 Double-Elimination Challenge, which was contested at Pla-Mor Lanes on August 18, 2018.

Silveri, a Springfield Hall of Fame member, qualified 27th with a 628 in his first three games. Ray improved his scores during bracket-elimination play, rolling games of 207, 213, 240, 243 and 261 while reaching the final four.

In the semi, Silveri bested Eric Wurmnest, Jr. 243-235, and then Ray earned the overall title by outscoring tournament runner-up Phillip Manuel, going undefeated in match-play to take home the $560 top prize.

Manuel captured $410 for finishing 2nd and Brandon Biondo cashed $305 for third. Fourth place was earned by Wurmnest, who is a youth bowler, adding $235 to his substantial SMART fund account.

Scott Reinken fired a 299 game in the first game of qualifying and later a 290 to record the first and third-highest individual games. Alex Clark also ran the front-11 but settled for a 297 in the first round of match play.

Other cashers and their finishing positions were as follows:

T-5th: Devin Varner $185.00

T-5th: Will Keiser $185.00

T-7th: Mark Stinger $150.00

T-7th: Tammy Walsh $150.00

T-9th: Alex Clark $120.00

T-9th : Joe Wolf $120.00

T-9th: Kimber Moscardelli $120.00

T-9th: Terrence Cloyd $120.00

T-13th: Devin Klotz $95.00

T-13th: Keith Hillen $95.00

T-13th: Scott Reinken $95.00

T-13th: Theresa Czerniak $95.00

Contributing news and information to this story was tournament organizer Phil Barry.

posted on September 5, 2018

Brittany and Sam Nelson continued their winning ways in Decatur with a 100-pin win in the 2018 Summer Doubles Sweeper, held on August 12 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

The Nelsons, who call Savoy's Old Orchard Lanes their home house, defeated the pairing of Kahlar and Mark Drews 497-397 in the championship match to earn the $750 first-place prize. The Drews' took home $500 for 2nd.

In the opening match of the finals, the Drews topped the team of Chris O'Neil and Gabe Howell in a match which came down to the final ball, where the Drews' eked out a 436-432 victory. O'Neil/Howell took home $360 for 3rd.

Tim Frey rolled a perfect 300 during qualifying, and Peoria's Sammy Taylor came close with a 299. O'Neil was the top individual player on the day, with a pair of 280 games and a 256 overall average.

Despite the short length of time between confirmation date and the event itself, the response by Decatur and area bowlers was superior, as 31 teams entered the championship.

The order of finish was as follows:

1st: Brittany Nelson/Sam Nelson = $750

2nd: Kahlar Drews/Mark Drews = $500

3rd: Chris O'Neil/Gabe Howell = $360

4th: Phillip Barry/Tim Frey = $270

5th: Brad Moore/Bob Ogle = $210

6th: Shawn Reed/Tyler Mills = $150

7th: Jennifer Stone/Larry Porter = $110

Contributing news and information to this article was tournament organizer Corey Kistner.

posted on April 19, 2018

It has been a staple of bowling since the inception of the TV-style stepladder final. A confident bowler or team amasses a huge lead after qualifying, but then a little angst arises, knowing that it may all drift away as the stepladder resets the numbers to zero.

Sheila Queen-Kistner and Scott Jaggers were the recipients of the reset, grabbing the top rung with a 453-413 victory over Jordyn Sussenbach and Tyler Young in the final match of the 2018 Frank Vincent Mixed Doubles Championship, held on April 15 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

Sheila was the star of the match as she spun a 246 game, while partner Jaggers chipped in with an even 200. They also used a seven-pin handicap advantage to take the top team prize of $1150.

Sussenbach and Young dominated the six games of qualifying, pacing the field by 204 pins and averaging 481 scratch as a team. Jordyn and Tyler are in their 20s and their careers are on the rise, as are those of Megan Szczepanski and A.J. Fair, the third-place finishers. The males on both of these teams grew up in the Decatur youth programs.

The pairing of Jennifer Potts and Brandon Roberts finished in 4th place, while the surprise team on the ladder, the veteran Decatur duo of Sue James and Matt Williams, rounded out the top five.

As was the case the day before, the event was a sellout at 51 teams. There were 50-50 ticket sales and silent auction items which benefitted SIU-Simmons Cancer Research.

Helping the cause in a generous way was Tim Finley, who gave all of his 50-50 winnings back to the tournament, donating to the research fund and to youth bowling, in honor of his fellow Hall of Fame mother, the late Rita Finley.

Don Sweet III of Washington, IL rolled a 300 game during qualifying, the only award score in the Sunday competition.

Final standings were as follows:


1st Place - Sheila Queen-Kistner/Scott Jaggers = 2836 (qual), $1150.00

2nd Place - Jordyn Sussenbach/Tyler Young = 3040 (qual), $650.00

3rd Place - Megan Szczepanski/A.J. Fair = 2750 (qual), $500.00

4th Place - Jennifer Potts/Brandon Roberts = 2789 (qual), $400.00

5th Place - Sue James/Matt Williams = 2741 (qual), $350.00

6th Place - Lauren Sides/Tim Heimann = 2738 ---- $300.00

7th Place - Ash Gargano/David Bartlett = 2730 -- $250.00

8th Place - Hallie Williams/Sam Parrish = 2707 - $200.00

9th Place - Dawn Guerrero/Don Sweet = 2706 ----- $170.00

10th Place - Tricia Queen/Jason Queen = 2705 --- $140.00

11th Place - Cassidy Walters/Adam Moore = 2686 - $120.00

12th Place - Haley O'Neil/Chris O'Neil = 2681 -- $110.00



Match #1: Szczepanski/Fair def. James/Williams, 439-416

Match #2: Szczepanski/Fair def. Potts/Roberts, 431-426

Match #3: Queen-Kistner/Jaggers def. Szczepanski/Fair, 443-408


Championship: Queen-Kistner/Jaggers def. Sussenbach/Young, 453-413

posted on April 19, 2018

Not even the two world-class bowlers themselves know how many tournaments they have won as doubles partners. But whatever that count was, you can add another to the list.

Jason Queen and Tom Adcock defeated Gabe Howell and Shawn Reed in the championship game to win their latest title, the Frank Vincent Memorial Doubles Shootout, held on April 14 at Pla-Mor Lanes.

In a steady, solid game, Adcock rolled 247 and Queen added 234 to defeat their fellow Decatur Bowling Hall of Famers by 38 sticks, winning $500 apiece, ten times higher than the individual entry fee.

On the momentum of Shawn's 298 game, the Reed-Howell pairing overtook top-qualifiers Shane Conaway and Travis Sumpter in one semifinal, while Queen and Adcock got the measure of Chris O'Neil and Rob Baser in the other. Reed and Howell took home $650 as the runner-up team.

Chris O'Neil and Shawn Reed also fired 300 games in the six-game qualifying, as did Springfield legend Camden Rokita. O'Neil, who leads Decatur in award scores this season, also added 255 and 259 around the perfecto for an 814, his fifth 800 in the 2018 calendar year, to go with six 300s.

A sellout crowd of 51 teams competed. The cash results and bracket matches were as follows:


1st Place - Jason Queen/Tom Adcock = 2914 $1000.00

2nd Place - Gabe Howell/Shawn Reed = 2839 $ 650.00

T3rd Place - Shane Conaway/Travis Sumpter = 2926 $ 450.00

T3rd Place - Chris O'Neil/Rob Baser = 2821 $ 450.00

T5th Place - Andy Stone/Larry Larsen, Jr. = 2896 $ 300.00

T5th Place - Darrell Bean/Corey Kistner = 2825 $ 300.00

T5th Place - Dave Mills/Casey Knowles = 2816 $ 300.00

T5th Place - Jase Finley/Seth Black = 2805 $ 300.00

9th Place - Rick Coy/Camden Rokita = 2743 $ 200.00

10th Place - Chris Ernst/Anthony Mills = 2716 $ 160.00

11th Place - Jordyn Sussenbach/Tyler Young = 2707 $ 130.00

12th Place - Marcellus Clay/Terrence Cloyd = 2702 $ 100.00


Round of 8: (1) Conway/Sumpter def. (8) Finley/Black, 435-425 (4) Howell/Reed def. (5) Bean/Kistner, 396-387 (2) Queen/Adcock def. (7) Mills/Knowles, 461-425 (6) O'Neil/Baser def. (3) Stone/Larsen, 507-381


Round of 4: (4) Howell/Reed def. (1) Conway/Sumpter, 529-449 (2) Queen/Adcock def. (6) O'Neil/Baser, 459-383


Championship: Queen/Adcock def. Howell/Reed, 481-443

posted on April 12, 2018

Bill Sargeant was elected as President of the new bowling Board of Directors on April 8 during the historic Decatur USBC Organizational Meeting at Spare Time Lanes.

Sargeant, a longtime league officer and one of only two Decatur bowlers to roll perfect games with both hands, edged fellow candidate Trinity Bush, 33 votes to 30 votes. Bush was elected Vice-President and Ben McCoy was marked on the most ballots for Sergeant at Arms.

A total of 16 Directors were elected. Four of these, Rob Baser, Alyssa Bird, Haley O'Neil and Nathaniel Davis will concentrate on youth programs. Bird and Davis are members of youth leagues, as the USBC encouraged and permitted youths 14 and older the opportunity to be elected to the merged Board.

The other twelve elected Directors were Cynthia Howell, Hannah Moore, Chris O'Neil, Gary Palas, Cody Finley, Crystal Madrigal, Kathy Moore, Nick Wykoff, Becky Bird, Jim Calvert, Carol McGonigle and Darla Stanford.

In 2016, the United States Bowling Congress mandated that all Local Associations merge their ladies, men's and (if applicable) youth boards of directors, with the new merged boards to be operational on or before August 1, 2018.


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Final Results of the 2017-2018 City Tournament

79th Annual Decatur USBC Open
Championship: Jan. 6-21, 2018
at Spare Time Lanes

Handicap Singles

  • Eric Gray - 807
  • Kevin Ruffner - 779
  • James Heckwine - 778

Scratch Singles

  • Rob Baser - 742
  • Larry Larsen Jr - 739
  • James Heckwine - 735

Handicap Doubles

  • Nick Wykoff/Brandon Roberts - 1542
  • Sandra Hector/Tom Hector Sr - 1527
  • (tie) Garrett Howard/Jason Howard - 1521
  • (tie) Al Pote/Ron Snyder - 1521

Scratch Doubles

  • Michael Wilcox/Phil Barry - 1398
  • Al Pote/Ron Snyder - 1370
  • Larry Larsen Jr/Kevin Besser - 1348

Handicap All Events

  • Ernest Stoops - 2326
  • Roger Klaska - 2295
  • Nick Wykoff - 2292

Scratch All-Events

  • Michael Wilcox - 2112
  • Larry Larsen Jr - 2103
  • Tony Mahon - 2071

Handicap Team

  • Snyder #1 (Ron Snyder, Brian Carter, Anthony Mills, Dave Mills, Chris Ernst) - 3673
  • Boo's Crew 2 - 3657
  • Bowl Split - 3647

Scratch Team

  • Hillywoods (Keith Hillen, Tim Frey, Shawn Reed, Gabe Howell, Kyle Holliday) - 3437
  • Team Turbo - 3396
  • Boo's Crew - 3272

Final Standings: 2017-18 Decatur USBC Open Championship (City Tournament)

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